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This last weekend, myself and one of my ASM's was invited to a surprise birthday party for one of my scouts. ( He's 19 and is helping out as a part time ASM between school assignments/when he can ). This scout was one whom I had some very significant discipline problems back when he was 15 resulting in a suspension from the troop for 3 months. However, he rebounded, became SPL, and earned his Eagle ( he turned in his paperwork 2 days before he turned 18, causing much of the gray in my beard ).


His girlfriend invited us. I'm just tickled as all heck that he would speak highly enough of us that his girlfriend felt that we should be there to join in the celebration. Besides his parents, we were the only 2 other adults in attendance with a bunch of 18/19 year olds.


To quote Barry, I love this Scouting Stuff!








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As well as a Scouter, I'm a high school teacher. (Yeah, I know, glutton for punishment.) Assessing teacher performance is big political issue here right now. The simpletons want to base assessment on measuring the simple things, like marks on statewide or national tests. I always respond that half of what we do can't be measured like that.


It's the same for Scouters. CA_Scouter - you've just been given top marks in one of the most important assessment areas, a kid's respect for an adult, and acceptance of that adult as one his guides in life.


Well done.

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This just demonstrates character building really works (via your help CA_Scouter).


Sometimes we do lose a few young men to a variety of other avenues and misbehavior; but sometimes we do find a few of them that will go thru (and probably cause) mayhem, and eventually redeem themself.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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Thats awesome! I see that as one of the highest forms of recognition.

You know, we can talk and talk and talk to the scouts about respect, morals and what not, We can drone on and on all day long. But you can't MAKE anybody understand or care, You can show by example, but thats it.

Congratulations.....you made somebody truely see and feel what you taught!

Respect can never truely be forced on anybody, but only earned.

You definantly earned it.

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Not trying to hijack the thread.


I had a group of African-American inmates I was working with.

These guys never shut-up!

They were talking about something that was going on in the jail, when one said "Hey! You can't trust the white man!"

I reacted immediately saying "Thanks- You might have noticed that I'm white."

The reply I got was "But Mr Walsh your not white your English!"

I'm still working on that one!


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