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Felicitations from England

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Good afternoon fellow Scouters in the land of plenty and greetings from the north of old Blighty.


Our rules and systems may be slighty different but the fundamentals will be the same and I look forward to interesting discourse and repartee.


I look after two sections, Beaver Scouts and Explorer Scouts, either end of the ages I know but still good fun.

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Welcome to the virtual campfire, I am with Packsaddle and am woefully ignorant of nicknames in the "old country" as I am from New England I am familiar with lots of names but not their historical geography. I know I live a state that was named in honour of his Lordship the Earl of Hampshire, but beyond that I am lost.


So grab a chair and a cuppa, enjoy the bug free zone, companionship and camradarie around the campfire.


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Thank you for your welcome.


My apologies for not being clear. I'm from England which is a country within Britain, as is Scotland.


The term Blighty I believe derives from expatriot British in India as a term of endearment for homelife in Britain during the days of the Raj in the days when there was such a thing as the British Empire.

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What part of England?

I was born and bred in the smoke.

Was SL of the 17th Fulham (Pioneers) for 11 years.

Sad to say the 17th is no more, nor is Fulham District.

I'm still in contact with some pals over there.

Disappointed that I didn't get an invite to the wedding!

Still might make it over for the Olympics.


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Good morning and once again thank you for your welcome.


Eamonn, I look after Beavers (6 to 8 year olds) at St Johns in Brighouse, I joined when my youngest son joined and never left, and then Im also at the Explorer Unit (14 to 18 year olds) at Bradley Wood, the County campsite, an absolutely fantastic place to be based. You mention that you were born and bred in London but I guess from your name that you have Gaelic forebears?


Everyone has an invite to the wedding but if you cant make it then you can watch it on the old goggle box or go to the pub of course. Best of all though, weve all been granted the day off as a national holiday, how good is that?


The Olympics promise to be as exciting as ever, although Im a tad disappointed that the national game of conkers hasnt been recognised as a valid sport for the programme. I might have had a bash at the Olympic team selections myself. Ah well.


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While I talk with an English accent, when I cut myself I bleed green.

Both parents were from County Meath, in Ireland. Moving to England after the war.

My Dad was on his way to Australia when he met my Mother. Kinda strange that two people who lived less then ten miles apart didn't know each other till they met in London.

Mum wasn't that keen on moving so far away from Ireland, so they remained in England.

I was in Ireland last summer with my Wife who is a yank.

I seen more of Ireland in 3 weeks than I ever did before.

As a little Lad, I was packed off to Ireland most summers, but other than the local village (Slane) and a weekly trip to the big city Drogheda, I never got the chance to see much else.

A few summers back my son and I got to attend summer camp with a very good friend of mine at the Robin Hood District camp site.

It was a real eye opener for my son. He commented that the English Scouts really understood the Patrol system.

The great thing for me was that, the SL had been the fellow when I was newbie leader, who had taken me under his wing.

I think he had more to do with the leader that I became, more than anyone else. Not just in Scouting, but in just about everything I have ever done. - Talk about hero worship!

This fellow has an understanding of the program and of Scouts that is truly outstanding.


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