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Sprayed it?

Not familiar with that product, permanent damage or just needs cleaning?


If permanent then the Scout -not the parents, needs to earn the money to replace it. You could of course choose to let this Scout be the one who is permanently assigned to this tent also, especially if you find it is usable but uncleanable.

If cleaning only necessary then you know what to do...


Corrective action taken in the previous case whether the same Scout or not?

Same Scout in previous incident? Do this correction in public (in front of the Troop-unless he eats up the attention - for some people any attention even negative is better than none).

Not the same Scout? Did the Scouts know about the previous incident and the corrective action?

If there was none then you are seeing the results of that policy; If action was private then maybe doing this one in public will nip it for the near future?




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Scout or Scouter tent? Funny or Not Funny?


Remember, praise in public, punish in private. If you address the whole troop with the problem, no problem. If you single out one scout in public, Nat. BSA considers that "Hazing" and is a HUGE no-no.


We had a problem like this years ago, except it escalated to the real stuff. Got charged by the Council for a Summer Camp tent, Troop (Scout's family) had to pay!! Scout dropped out.

A loss in both case's.


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Spray dog poop?????? Never heard of it! And it is funny and inappropriate!


If you single out one scout in public, Nat. BSA considers that "Hazing" and is a HUGE no-no.


I don't think so! Chapter & verse on this one, please!

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Usually known as "Liquid _ss", it's a foul-smelling liquid that can be squirted on unsuspecting victims (or tents!) as a prank. Non-toxic, non-staining according to the web site and the smell is gone in somewhere from 12 to 18 hours. A quick google search will come up with many places to buy it online.

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