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What do you do with the boys that cause disruption at every meeting? These boys have only one goal: not do anything related to scouts. They are disrespectul to their adult and boy leaders, and try to get out of doing anything that the troop is doing. They won't participate with planning anything they like to do. The older boys are frustrated because these younger new boys have caused so many problems, and nothing is getting done. Since the SM is the dad, the boys get excused from doing any of the work if they are not 'feeling well'. As much as the older boys try to step in to train and help the new scouts, they do not cooperate.


The answer we are looking for here is how to get these boys involved, not how to discipline them (well, we might want to do that, too) When asked anything about what they want to do, or how they would handle anything, the answer is always "I dunno". These four boys happen to have their parents in the highest adult troop positions, and the parents believe that the program will be good for their kids. Scoutmaster is a dad of two, ASM is a dad of two and Comm. Chair is married to the ASM. By the way, if these kids were to leave, it is over half the troop, and all of the adult leadership. Small troop, but can we manage to limp along with half the troop trying to undermine the program? The boys are obviously doing this to gain attention.

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Sounds familiar - no supervision, no discipline - "Boys will be boys"... Look at other troops or Venture crews since you said the older scouts are frustrated, or consider starting a new unit.


Stacked deck. Your chances of fixing the problem from within the unit are slim and will only add to your frustration.


Good luck

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"SM is the dad"


This is unwinnable, unless they replace the SM. I assume from the title that you are a Member of the Committee (MC). The right thing to do is to bring it up at a committee meeting as a discipline issue, just like you would with any other scout. But be prepared to be looking for a new SM.

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Yah, boys follow da lead of their parents and troop leader, eh? Any boy will push to find the limits, and not findin' any will keep pushin' to see if anyone - especially mom and dad - actually care enough about them to impose some limits.


You and any other concerned parents can bring this up... once ... at a committee meetin', but it's not goin' to change anything. These folks have years of bad habits of child rearin' with their kids. Ain't goin' to change overnight even if they wanted it to, and I doubt a conversation with the "lower ranking" folks on da troop committee is goin' to make 'em want to.


You say the older boys are the ones who are frustrated. Sounds like time to start a Venturing Crew. Have 'em grab friends to boost the numbers a bit, meet with a couple to dream up some cool activities, and go off and give 'em a taste of da adventures that are possible when you are mature and competent and show good Scout Spirit, eh?


Or find another troop or crew in your area with that kind of program.


Just one favor... be sure to let da COR or IH for your troop's Chartered Org. know why you're leavin'. They deserve that much.




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