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Fishsqueezer (have to ask - what's the meaning of that name? Makes me think of Smeagle!)


It sounds like things went pretty well, given the circumstances. I just want to say thanks for your efforts and concerns on behalf of this boy. I hope it never will be, but I know if it were my child in that situation, I'd be grateful to have the support and assistance of someone like you to help the boy understand the impact of his actions. All this business of raising young men of character can be tough sometimes!

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Sound like things worked out the way they should have.


I would agree with the other who posted this is the Scoutmaster's call, not the Troop Committee. They should be involved only as informed parties.


Ed Mori

1 Peter 4:10

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Our troop recently had a similar incident occur. The troop committee removed the two boys from their leadership position. They were suspended from attending troop funtions for 30 days and were to write a essay to the troop committee as to why their actions did not live up to the principles of scouting.


Hope this helps

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