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Hi All,


We had a joint Webelos and Boy Scout camp out this weekend. I went over the equipment list with my son. He is responsible for packing his own stuff and has gotten better at it.


As we were loading the car, he commented that his bag was too heavy. So I decided that maybe I should take a look. First thing out was a pair of swim trunks and goggles! Apparently he remembered that this camp ground was the same as Day camp this summer and figured they might go swimming! The day time high was 50 degrees...


Did he have all the listed items - yup. I won't detail what else was in his bag... :) I think he will have a tough time when it comes to backpacking, he is a serious packrat.

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Usta be Webelos Son decided he would take his chore/bday and xmas money and buy a *5 D cell Mag light* (that's five!). Boy was/is it bright. Light can focus to a spot or a flood. Used engraving tool to personalize it. Took it Camping ONCE. Then he realized the benefits of AA cell flashlights.



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