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Hello from Charlotte, NC

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Hello everyone. New guy here. I'm a 28 year old Eagle Scout who just relocated to Charlotte, NC, have been out of scouting for about 10 years and am looking to get back involved as an adult. Being out of the loop so long, not really sure how to make it happen. Served two years as camp staff in Missouri, earned my Eagle Scout in 1998, and wasn't very active after I turned 18 due to joining the military and Uncle Sam moved me around quite a bit. Now I'm in the Reserves full time and will be in Charlotte indefinitely.


Anyone here in a troop in Charlotte that is fairly active? I remember being a scout, even in my mid teens and there were very few "adult leaders" in their late 20s but the few we had really made a difference. I firmly believe in the BSA program for the development of young men and think its time for me to step up and contribute to today's youth.


Any help on how to get started and joining the RIGHT troop? I was in a few as a youngin and I know they all have different "problems" (ie adults on power trips, lack of motivation to do anything but meetings, etc). I'd like to be involved in an active troop that pushes more than merit badges and troop politics. Thanks so much!

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You might want to get involved at the District level first to get a top down view of the units. No every unit is run the same and way too many Scouters have jealousy issues. The District level appears to be much more accepting of talent w/ or w/o a child in tow. Private message me if you'd like to hear more about your area. I'm fairly close.

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FlyingFish is 100% correct in that it is sometimes easier to be accepted for a position on the district level without kids that with a unit. Sometimes parents look at ya funny :) Been there, done that, got the funny looks. Luckily the last time I was affiliated with a unit without kids, I was also wearing gold loops and working for supply, so folks knew I was addicted to Scouting. ;)


Several advantages to working onthe district level without kids.


1) You get to meet a large group of folks outside a specific unit.


2)You get to help in district level activities, i.e. OA, training, etc and if your district like mine, they can use all the help they can get.


3) you can look at all the units and see which one is the best for your son(s) when the time comes.


Good luck.

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