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For fun... Words you don't want to hear on a campout.

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I know day camp is different than summer camp but I had to say "Attention all leaders, we have a lost child . . .again" after den leaders took their kids to lunch at McDs with out signing out . .. again. So how about "Have you seen . . ."


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My first scout summer camp, probably about 3:00 AM. I am a light sleeper, and I can hear when the boys get up to head to the latrine and whey they get back to their tent. So, I am laying there and I hear a stirrin' nearby, then the sound of a tent flap opening. Shortly thereafter, I hear the telltale sound of a scout taking care of business NOT in the latrine. I poke my head out and shine the flashlight in the direction of falling liquid. Sure enough, he is standing there (fully dressed, of course) at the entrance to the tent, peeing out in front of it. I said quietly, "Justin, the latrine is right over there. Perhaps you could use that instead?" He looks at me with a completely serious expression on his face and said, "I'm afraid of the dark. I have to do the same thing at home."


(and I go back to sleep thinking...does his mom know??)

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I'll add to the chaos


1. A Patrol Leader saying "I learned this in NYLT..."


2. A Commissioner saying "I was just thinking.."


3. A Professional saying "Trust me..."


4. A Eagle Scout chuckling "Watch this..."


5. A Scoutmaster saying "Where's the duct tape?"



Phillip Martin



Scoutmaster Troop 700

Juneau Alaska


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At the end of a long day on the river, I hear Jeremy saying that he wore his Scout shorts all day without sunscreen. When I look around he is standing up on a rock with what he called red Scout Socks on.


I am lounging in camp when one of the Scouts runs up and tells me that Mike got hit in the head with a rock.


We are in the middle of the second day of a Fifty miler and and two of the younger Scouts have decided that they, "can no longer carry their packs".

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Ah yes. Winter Campout. 10 degrees. 2 AM. Tent starts shaking. Words I don't want to hear again, for sure.


"Mr. E, Brian knocked over a gallon of Orange Juice in our tent!"


It was about that time I began considering that opening on the district committee more seriously.

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" I took out the spare to make more room!"

" Did you get any on you?"

"Don't put that on the .... fire"

"Whats that white stuff on the dock? It's slippery" By the pelicans.

"Hey Ea there's a gator over there!"

"Who stole my underwear?"

"Quick! Eamonn's coming!!"

"I think he's gone!"

"Hope you guys don't mind but I snore a lot"

"What rain gear?"

"I took it off"

"I thought I'd tied a cleat-hitch!"

"Quick the tides ..."

"No!! Don't let go!!"

"Everyones fine they are in the cabin watching the Robin Williams HBO special!!"

"Did you mean true North?"

"I woke and thought Gee I anit 'alf got sweaty feet" (Nicky Plummer who hadn't put his tent up correctly one rainy night.)


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