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For fun... Words you don't want to hear on a campout.

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Thought I'd open up a topic just for fun.


Prior to this weekend the worst I had heard was (in the middle of the night), "Mr. J, I think I'm going to get sic....", followed by the sound of footsteps as he ran toward the latrine.


This weekend I heard a new one. A scout came up to us and said "Don't ever eat raw chicken, especially with bar-b-que sauce". (Further investigation found that the chicken wasn't raw, but just took a long time to cook.)


Have any gems to share?

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This happened on a trip with a prospective troop when my son was a Webelos 2. He burned his hand on a lantern while getting camp set up. He gets woozy when he is hurt. I told him to go sit in the truck and drink some water and I'd check on him in a little while. I hear my horn honk once or twice, but ignore it. A few minutes later he walks up to me and says, "dad, I was getting sick to my stomach and I tried to get out of the truck before I got sick". Tried is the key word here. I went from setting up camp to cleaning vomit out of my truck. Camping out in the woods does not lend itself to cleaning said material out of a vehicle very easily.

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Which can be one of a number of things but the four I thought of are:


1) The sound an air mattress makes when punctured

2) The sound a rattlesnake makes when you get too close

3) The sound of flesh searing on a hot pot/pan/dutch oven

4) The sound a rubber raft makes in the middle of a river when punctured.



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Had a scout come up to me on a campout at night, with his headlamp shinnimg in my face, so I could not identify who I was talking too.

Scout asks me if I had seen "his dad", when I inquired "who are you", replied, "I'm his son".

That nailed it down.

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The words "uh,oh" just after hot cast iron touches cold ground. Making that very unique sound.


3am heavy downpour...."Mr. S.. our tent is wet... inside."


"shouldn't that water be hot before putting all that spagetti in?"


The yell around the bend "White water!!!"..... then 3 whistles.


"You were supposed to buy the food...."




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