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Our troop policy has always been no games or cell phones. Well we went to summer camp last week. On the list given to parents of what to bring and what not to bring it listed NO CELL PHONES.

Got to camp the the SM's son had his phone. Nothing was ever said to him. It wouldn't have been a problem if he has simply left it in his footlocker but he ran around camp with it all the time including checking his messages while in badge classes. It bothers me that the rules don't seem to apply to him. Just all the other boys.

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Bad Scoutmaster! Bad, bad SM!


Rules have to be the same for everybody, otherwise your authority as SM means nothing. I didn't do my son's Life SM Conference alone, because I didn't want to give anyone reason to question its legitimacy, even though I'm perfectly 'legal' to do so...


I think you have two choices:


1) Cut the SM some slack, maybe he wasn't aware or other kids had cell phones and you didn't see them..


2) If its a regular occurance, voice your opinion to the SM, obviously, kindly and courteously. Maybe he doesn't realize how this looks to the rest of the troop.








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