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Fellow Scouters, the good folks at Scouter.com have graciously granted my request to change my User ID. I completed my Wood Badge experience yesterday and in order to celebrate my "advancement", I asked to now be known as SR540Beaver. I want to express my appreciation to the moderator for making my name change possible. For a while, I will be signing my posts with "formerly kwc57". Wood Badge was a wonderful experience I will cherish forever. With apologies to my friend Barry (Eagledad) for stealing his line.....I love this scouting stuff!


I used to be a Beaver, and a good old Beaver too...


SR540Beaver (formerly kwc57)(This message has been edited by SR540Beaver)

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Pesky lit tle be veers (must be read with a French Canadian accent). We bears love bever meat nice and tasty. Much more filling than those bobwhites. BOWB SR461 Bears


Glad to hear your Wood Badge was satisfying. I completed my ticket this past Winter and received my beads in March. However, Im far from finished bearing. Never thought of names corresponding to WB course and patrol though. Great idea!


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Call me anything you want, just don't call me late for cracker barrel! You were right about our course director/SM and SPL from your neck of the woods....GREAT guys!


Speaking of the "Beav", our patrol yell the second weekend was, "Gee Wally". The first weekend was, "Chew or Die".


SR540Beaver (formerly kwc57)

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