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Problem child that was-- success story in Cubs!

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Not all that long ago I posted about a child that was just creating all sorts of problems for leaders and the other boys in the pack. Because there were issues with him in the neighborhood as well, I knew I couldn't be as fair as someone else, so the CC stepped in. Together, the CC and DLs mapped out a plan of action, and it was for all boys, not just this one. They began to talk to any boy misbehaving immediately, but off to the side where other boys couldn't hear. They decided which leader was best able to talk to which boy. The parents have all (not just this one boy--but all) been talked to, just to let them know how things are going, how their sons are doing, and how they can help. Most parents weren't interested and were "stop and drop" parents in this den. Now most stay and are willing to lend a hand. In fact, they have begun to ask for more activities to help with and would like to see a more active program (as in more family outings and family nights). Everything that was done was done using the Cub Scout Leader Handbook, Youth Protection Training materials, and the advice of the UC. The happy part (it's not an ending, but maybe a new beginning) is that the boy who was so difficult is now having a lot of fun, is very interested and contributing to den meetings and pack meetings, and his family has begun to be involved too. So, we sure had a tough time with this one boy (everyone was at their wits' ends with him, including his family), but now he's delightful. Not because of anything other than giving him (and because it's Cubs, his family too) a chance to try out new and fun things with the opportunity to succeed in them. I figure if I share the gripes, I should share the successes too :)

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