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Webelos Recruitment this years projections.

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Well, we are into the period of time when traditionally the Webelos who continue on into Boy Scouts have their Crossover Ceremonies. So how do the recruitment numbers look in the troop you serve?


I have been told by our Webelos resource person to expect 11 to 13 New Scouts between now and the end of March. We also just had 3 older scouts join the troop. So with 5 scouts reaching their 18th Birthday and leaving the ranks, we expect a net growth of about 10. This would bring the troop up to about 44 Scouts served.


This is really about the limit for our meeting room. We were actually looking to maintain the same troop size this year as last and only bring in one New Scout Patrol made primarily of siblings of current members. But after a number of other families strongly requested to join, we looked over our financial and physical resources and determined that we could take another patrol as well.


It should be an exciting year.


Bob White

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We have had 1 new boy off the streets and two confirmed webelos that will be crosssing over. During last weekends outing we had 4 other boys come by and visit and bring ice cream and hot fudge after their Pinewood derby.

Our meeting room is aalso tight on space but this is a problem I would like to have of too many boys, rather be working on how to find more room than hear from "if I cant join your troop than I'll just quit"

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We expect to add all six Webelos from our associated Pack to our nine first-year scouts. That will bring our 1 year old troop up to 15. I'm concerned about losing 1 of our current scouts, he's very discouraged. He's been in since Tigers and his dad is very involved. That could be a big loss. On the upside, 5 of the parents coming up are registered leaders in the pack. 3 dads are Eagle Scouts.

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Our troop has had a good recruiting month. We are adding 18 new scouts that are transitioning from Webelos.


I have just taken over as Scoutmaster and wondering if anyone has words of advice on retaining these scouts. We have 25 active scouts and this is going to almost double our troop. My plan is to have 2 new scout patrols and have some of the older scouts and couple leaders focus on working with the new scouts.


My concern is focusing to many resources on the new scouts and have the older scouts suffer or vica versa.


Any thoughts would be welcome.

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We'll have 8, from two local packs. That number's down, but I don't know why. What I do know is that the pack (our feeder pack, actually) to whom I assigned a Webelos Den Chief has all of theirs crossing over; the other pack is about 70%. I don't think it's a coincidence.



You_Betcha: Welcome to the forum; you from Minnesota? Quick advice: Use a Troop Guide and Instructors for that many new Scouts; assign an ASM specifically to work with the Guide/Instructors and NSPs (I didn't say exclusively, but specifically). Use Troop Program Features to plan, then carry out, your meetings and activities. If you do, even if you have to tweak them slightly, you'll help ensure all the Scouts in your Troop get the program they need and want.


Retention? Read the "Welcome to Scouting" list of promises on Page 1 of the Handbook, and make sure your program delivers what BSA promises.


Good Luck




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The Council send me at my request a list of Webelos Scouts that are in the 5th Grade. There are 128 names on the list.

All of the packs recharter in Feb. So I don't know how many of these little fellows are still active. A Webelos Tracking Sheet has been sent out twice. So far only half of them have been sent to the Service Center.

I have mailed a letter to all 128 wishing them well and telling them what fun and good times are ahead. The Troops rechartered in Jan. At this time we are down 67 Boy Scouts.

History shows that we retain about 70% of the Webelos Scouts. The Membership Committee has a new idea for Boy Scout recruitment that will start in March. The Council is still pushing the build a troop campaign. This is the third year and the Troops don't seem to be buying into it.

The District plan centers more on "One on One" recruiting.


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We expect another group of about 12 Webelos this year.


We need to do better with retention though. Of the 12 Webelos that started with us in the fall we have about 5 or 6 that have remained active. We have made some changes at the troop guide position after some scouts/parents complained the guide we had initially assigned was a little too drill sargent like. He is now under closer supervision by an ASM.


We expect to lose only one scout through high school graduation this year, so we expect a significant net gain.




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We have 7 Webelos II's and 5 are crossing over with their AOL. Four will go to one troop and 1 will go to another troop. The other 2 just joined Cubs in September as Webelos II's and we will hold them until May to try to get their AOL before they cross over. Last year we had about 13 or 14 Webelos 1's and lost a number of them this year. They were marginal members who just didn't really seem to like scouting. Plus, our den leader was working full time and going to school and Friday night was the only available night he could hold den meetings. We lost several because Friday's were not convenient to their parents. I wish we could have held onto all of them and crossed all of them over.

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From our Pack's point-of-view:

27 Cub started Webelos 1

17 will continue on to Boy Scout (three troops)

2 moved

4 lost to sport

2 lost interests


Total 63% continuing on



From our Troop's point-of-view

2 from one Pack

3-5 from another Pack

1 from a third Pack


Total 6-8 new scouts or 20% increase in growth.

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