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Scene in a convenience store

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I only wear that stuff because they make me.:)

No, OGE, I dont mind though it doesnt matter because you're free to make those choices. Thats what is so great about our country.


If I'm in the bullpen, sometimes I wont wear a mask. I wear one when there is a batter there because they have a metal bat in their hands.


I know I should wear a helmet, I just dont like doing so therefore I dont. I'm adventurous and risky usually. I dont wear a helmet when I rock climb unless it is required by the scouts.


FOG's right in the fact that I should wear a helmet, I'll admit that. Some people make choices that others feel they shouldnt have made.


As you probably have seen, I am not afraid of much. Including posting my pictures, name, relative location, etc. Most wont do that. I dont care that much.

Choices, Choices, Choices....

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Hopper, you dodged my question about what your parents think.


BTW, by not wearing a mask in the bull-pen, you're breaking the rules (A Scout is obedient). My high school rule book is a few years out of date so the numbers may have changed but it says, "1-1-5 While in a crouch position, any non-adult warming up a pticher at any location [emphasis mine] shall wear a head protector, a mask with at throat protector and a protective cup (male only). Failure by a player to wear proper equipment after being so ordered by the umpire, shall result in an ejection."


When I umpired, there was no requirement that I wear any protective gear but I wore chest protector with arm guards, mask, throat protector, shin guards, cup, and protective shoes. I even wore a cup when I worked the bases. Bravery and foolishness are not synonymouse.



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Hops, As you might know, I used to work in an Xray Dept. I remember holding an 18 year old cyclist's head while he convulsed as the Emergency Doc intubated him, feeling the bones of his skull shift and watching brain tissue ooze from his ears. He was "lucky", he didnt die. He is a quadraplegic, he lies flat on his back and then once a day the nurses at the home where he lives flip him over to his belly. He has a hole cut out of the bed so he can look down at a mirror that reflcts the TV screen. Every 12 hours he gets flipped, its all the motion he will ever know. He made his choice, to ride without a helmet, and now he has a lot of time to contemplate it.

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FOG, I answered you. They know, and really havent pushed it. My mom would prefer that we wear the helmet, but doesnt force us to do so.


Also, this was before high school that I didnt wear a mask.


Next, your gonna be telling me I shouldnt rock climb because it, too, is dangerous and no helmet can prevent injury if you fall.(This message has been edited by hops_scout)

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Hops --


I beg of you to wear a helmet and appropriate protection when available. Life is too important to waste. I understand that you don't want to wear a helmet and it's probably a generational thing that your parents aren't adamant about it.


But I have had too many friends die because they didn't take simple precautions. The nice lady who was my council's registrar died suddenly yesterday (she was 45) because she stopped taking her medications two months ago and stopped going to the doctor. Her son found her dead on the couch when he got home from school.


I'll make you this deal -- wear your helmet for biking, climbing, wherever called for and I will never set foot in Peru again.


Perhaps we'll both live a long time . . .


Please, Hops.



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"...to keep myself physically strong..."


Means to take care of yourself, right?


Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, OBEDIENT, Cheerful, Thrify, Brave, Clean and Reverent.


Your parents should not have to be adamnant, they should have to harrass, harange, moan, wail and beseech you. If Mom says do it, you do it, if Dad says wear the helmet, you wear it. Either you are a scout all the time or you are not any of the time, now what is it to be?(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)

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OGE, don't underestimate the effect of whining. Turning their tactics back on them not only is occasionally effective, it puts them off balance (hey, where did they learn this?) and gives us a temporary advantage. But they're quick and will adjust the shift frequency of their shields soon enough. :) Remember they're not 'our' troop. Or to paraphrase: from this moment on, we're here to serve...them.

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There are times when things like this little girl in the store just kind of get to you.

Sad to say there are times when we just don't see what we are doing.

When OJ, was tiny I owned a couple of Bars and restaurants. I have to admit that I allowed him to help load the empties into the crates. Mainly to keep him busy and let me get on with whatever I was doing.

We seem to have come a long way in doing what is good for our kids.

Heck I rode my bike all over London and never even heard of a bike helmet. We have a big back yard (a little over six acres) and now I insist that OJ wears his in our own yard.

As a kid I bought candy cigarettes. I would and never have bought them for a kid.

Have to admit to not liking toy guns and was a little upset when I seen that Estes the model rocket company were selling rockets that are replica missiles and cluster bombs, worse still the ad was in Boys' Life. I'm not going to do anything about it. I just don't like it.

As for us not taking care of all the kids in the world.

This is a sad sign of the times.

When I was a kid if an adult seen me doing something wrong they would tell me or tell my parents. I remember one little old lady who gave my Mother Cap reports.

We had a cap as part of our school uniform, mine spend most of its life rolled up in my pocket. Everytime she saw me capless she would inform my Mum.

Those were the days.


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I had also ridden many miles on my bike, fallen several times, but never injured anything a helmet would have protected. I frankly couldn't imagine my ever going fast enough to fly headfirst over the handlebars and hit the top of my head.


I only started wearing one when my kids got bikes, because I feel it is dumb to tell kids to do something that is a good idea and then make it conditional on their being under a certain age. Well, last month I took my first spill since beginning to wear the helmet. My foot got caught and I couldn't jump off the seat as I fell; the tire slid sideways and was the center of an arc that my head followed as it slammed the ground. I was moving at minimal speed, just circling waiting for my companion to catch up. But even so I got a mild concussion. I'm glad the helmet took a lot of the impact, because if my skull had fractured, it would have taken a major artery with it.


As far as the little girl with the cigarettes, I would chill. You don't know what the clerk said to the girl after the customers cleared out. I work in health care in an urban setting, and my own kids get lots of exposure to things I don't approve of. I use those situations as teachable moments. My kids don't feel they shouldn't smoke until they are 18; they feel smoking is dumb at any age. I hope they continue to feel that way.

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Glad to hear you are ok. I'd just like to use it as a chance to point out that the rule is one helmet, one crash. It should be (make that must be) replaced after one hit to the ground. The shell may be ok but the foam liner is used up.


As a motorcyclist this topic comes up a lot. I love the question "Do you use a helmet?" Reply is "Not on a good day but I wear it just in case."




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