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We are having a PLC campout this weekend, at our regular campground. Some of the things I want them to do are plan the annual calendar (what we have currently is a joke) and plan the next 2 months of meetings. What I really want them to do is to take ownership of the program. We have not had a PLC that did much for a while. It has been an SPL run Troop, with quite a bit of involvement from the SM and ASMs. There are some tasks I want them to accomplish, but this is the real purpose. To let them know that they have the reins.


I am encouraged by the fact that my new SPL asked if we could camp in a different spot, so that the leaders' tent was not right next to the Scouts' tents. I have been talking to them the last couple of campouts about how we need to spread out, it's nice to see that he was listening.

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