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How big is your troop?

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Curently have 18 Scouts, routinely have 15-16 on monthly outings, 16 went to summer camp.


We formed (reformed actually) in Oct 2010 with 5 Scouts - 3 transfers from other troops, 2 brand new Scouts. Started adding Webelos crossovers in December (3) along with one new recruit, then more crossovers in February 2011 (8) along with one Scout from the December den who went to a Troop where he knew nobody (accentuated because he had moved to our area in his Web II year), and another new recruit and a transfer from another troop. Total Scouts as of March 2011 - 20.


Then we lost one of our PL's (complained we weren't doing enough, odd since he was hit or miss on stuff and didn't step up to get his patrol out more)to a troop that is perceived as not as active but has friends from his old Webelos den and one boy dropped for medical reasons although we hope to have him back in a year or so.


At the moment there are no plans to limit the size of the troop although as SM I am using the suggestion of a Troop of 4 8 Scout Patrols plus a small Troop staff as my guide. Our feeder Pack is newer than us and is currently all Tigers and we also have a Venture Crew that 3 of my older Scouts are also involved with.


We're working to really get the Scouts to work the patrol method, focus on Scoutcraft skills and ensure we go camping each month with the patrols at 50 to 100 yards. It's a very young troop but they are having fun and growing even though they don't know that yet.




Troop 25

Shenandoah Area Council

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