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Howdy all. I am in the process of starting up a new Troop in Brookshire, TX and I'm hoping I can get lots of good info off this site. There has not been a troop in the area for years even though the Boy Scout Troop that was there before had their own building and 3-4 acres. An older gentleman donated it through his will. We will probably be sticking with the old troop number of 370.


I was in Scouts from Tiger all the way up to my senior year of high school. I never got my Eagle as I just got too distracted by girls and trucks my last few years of high school. I'm thinking this could be a big troop with lots of possibilities. We have a chartering orginization, and they are willing to help out when they can. My biggest concern right now is finding boys that want to join and then getting enough funds to equip the troop.


As of right now we don't have any kids but we've only had meetings with adults and emails back and forth saying we were going to have a meeting on the 12th of August to sign kids up.


Anyway I'm looking forward to learning some things here.

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