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Patrol Emblem/Yell

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I just found out our Webelos Den will cross over as a patrol. The patrol emblem they picked last year is an existing patrol, so we'll have to pick a new emblem. The Scoutmaster cautioned me about the emblem they pick needs to be some thing they can easily make a patrol yell work with. What are some examples of unique emblems and yells in your neck of the woods?

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Older son's first patrol was the Rock patrol. The badger patrol emblem turned upside down looks surprisingly like a rock ;)


Their yell was "THUNK!"


Younger son's first patrol is the "Killer Poptarts", for which one crafty mother made an iron-on for the blank patch.


Their yell is "Suh-WEET!"(This message has been edited by DanKroh)

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Pick whatever the boys want. The yell is irrelevant, it's like bugling. The meaning for the yell has been lost, we use it only at camporee competitions to help with padding the score and for the most part, no one knows what the yell is and why it was at one time important to know.


Have a blank white patrol flag, call yourself the generic patrol, get the blank patrol emblems and use "Rah" for your yell. It covers all the bases.



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An international collection of old-school Troop and Patrol Yells can be found at the Inquiry Net:




Note that a Patrol Yell is not the same as a Patrol Call. The later is the call of a natural Patrol critter used by members of a Patrol to communicate with each other during Wide Games and Night Games.


Back in the days when Scouting activities were measured by physical distance, it was against the rules to imitate another Patrol's call!


84 Wide Games:




Night Games:




Yours at 300 feet,




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Two of the best I have recently seen were the Sharks, with the yell:

"I am a nice shark, not a mindless eatin' machine. If I want to change this image I must first change myself...Fish are friends, not food." OR just "Fish are friends, not food" for short.


Another which was considered by one of our patrols was the Seagull patrol with "Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine-mine, mine...."


Another is the Hound (or dog) patrol. Their yell could be "SQUIRREL!"


Beyond the standards offered by BSA, there are two major suppliers of non-standard patches I have found online.




Both offer quality patches at a reaonable price. Patchtown hast the better selections, but most are pretty outlandish, and outside of what I believe a scouting patrol should be.

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Just curious...

"Patchtown hast the better selections, but most are pretty outlandish, and outside of what I believe a scouting patrol should be."

why is that?

I wouldn't consider the Toilet Patrol, but some of the others are pretty sharp like the Blue Angels.

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Prehaps "most" was a misleading word. Sure, Blue Angel patrol is cool. I still have my BA patrol patch from about 1980 that some mom sewed for us; coming from the hometown of the Blue Angels, this is especially cool to me.


Scouting was founded on the principles of the outdoors with a good dose of American Indian lore for good measure. Creative names such as Thunderbird, White Wolf and Salmon (based on PacNW Native American imagery) are all well and good. I can even appreciate the Jackalope, Border (patrol) and other "cute" patrol names. I tend to draw the line with some like the "Vampire Teddy Bear," "Red Bull," "Swine Flu" and similar exotic names. I just don't see the premise of these as being ground in Scouting. That is just an opinion. I don't necessarily see this as being an issue of black and white; the is plenty of grey inbetween.

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I'd not to direct the boys to websites. But, if they come up with a mascot they really like, I'd look up what's there and print the options.


This summer, our older boys came up with the patrol name "Hey Chris" (after their SPL). The whole point was for the PL to be able to, at roll call, step up and say "Hey Chris, all present and accounted for!"


I'm hoping they don't parlay this into a flag and patch!

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"we have a jalapeno patrol and their yell is "muy caliente!" or sometimes "arriba - muy caliente!""


Personally, I think the best yell for a jalapeno patrol would be "On a STEECK!"


But I watch waaaaay too much Jeff Dunham. ;)

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