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Hello From the PNW!

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Hi. May name is John. I'm a freshly minted ASM for a troop in the greater Seattle area. I was a scout in the early 70's in a troop in Saudi Arabia after having done cubs in California, but this is my first time serving as an adult leader.


I think I am the only adult leader in my troop that is not a parent or grandparent of a scout. My wife and I haven't been able to have kids and things just haven't come together yet to adopt. Nevertheless, I hope to have something to offer the boys. A personal peeve of mine is that we (an a society) don't do anything to help boys become men.


I enjoy spending time in the backcountry, whether backpacking or bowhunting (hiking with a bow.) I look forward to participating here and applying what I learn to our troop.

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Welcome John! Congratulations on your new adventure and welcome to the wonderful world of (adult leadership)scouting!!!!


I hear you about not having kids in the units in which you serve. My hubsand was a SM for just over 3 years and now works with the new scout patrol and is loving every minute of it. While I work as an ADC/UC over 8 packs and also serve as CC. Since we do not have our own boys, we feel this is a great way to serve.


Anything we can do to help strengthen the lives of these boys is definitely well worth it. Kudos to you and again, welcome!


Julie in WA

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I have no children and have served in scouting as a leader for over 20 years, currently at the district level. The biggest challenge I found as a unit-level volunteer was convincing parents that I understood the boys despite not having a son of my own.


Then again, the best scoutmaster of my youth had no sons either...he had three daughters. When #3 came along he stepped down to spend more time with his family. We joked the the Girl Scouts stole him from us.


Good luck!

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