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The Foundation of Scouting

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"the entire foundation of Scouting is Troop strength. it doesnt matter how fancy you keep building a house, if you keep taking bricks out of the foundation, the house will eventually fall"


I disagree about your definition of Scoutings foundation if Troop strength is how you define it. It is vague and difficult to quantify. How would you measure that interpretation, the number of registered boys(active and/or inactive), number of registered adults, boys who earn Eagle, number of patrols, etc.?


Scoutings foundation has always been the Patrol, where the Scouts learn leadership skills first hand with boys they know and most likely have known for several years as Cub Scouts. They are also less apt to fail if they stay in a group of same aged boys who generally have the same skill set who can advance up the trail to Eagle together.



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Here is my opinion of the "Foudation of Scouting"


1) The Scout Oath, Law, Slogan, and Motto. These are the basis for everything else, and have been around 100 years now. If you can't live up to these four things, you have problems with everythign else. I would add the Outdoor Code, but it is newer than the others


2) Patrol method. BP recognized that youth formed natural "gangs" adn wanted tp do exciting and adventurous things with their friends. BP created it, and Green Bar Bill, with both BP's and Lady BP's blessing, perfected it. Yes BP took 20 kids, his nephew, and himself to BROWNSEA ISLAND to test his ideas on scouting and the patrol method, and it did work, but GBB created a troop for how many years, to perfect the patrol method?


3) Outdoors. Kids want challenges and excitement. My opinion is that tghe reasons kids get so involved in video games is because they are not being challenged physically, mentally, and morally in their "real world" lives, and go to the "fantasy world' of video games to get that excitement. You provide an active, challenging outdoo program, and they will come.


4)Advancement. The purpose ogf adavncement is to give folks a #1 a chance to acquire new skills and try new things #2 challenge them to grow physicaly, mentally, and morally, and #3 give them a sense of acommplishmwent via recognition for their hard work.


5) Uniforms. I know they are not popular with some folks, both youth and adult. I also know that tehre is alot of discussion on amng adults with all the "swank" on the uniform as BP would say. But the uniform was created to A)give a sense of belonging to the scouts, B) unify all scouts in a common and recognizable image and C) provide an avenue to allow Scouts and leaders a chance to show their accomplishments.

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Have never been that keen on statements like " The Foundation of Scouting"

Scouting's foundation are found in the ideals of Scouting.

Sure all the methods are important, but for me what makes them work?

Are the adult volunteers who are able to work well together, willing to give up their time and use their imagination.

Sure it can be said that there wouldn't be any Scouts without boys, but the boys would have a real hard time pulling it all together without the adults.



(I thought I'd posted this a few hours back, but it seems to have gone??)

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