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Camp out question

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I know its not the patrol method but I like the idea of a buddy system for winter campouts - I wouldn't neccessarily call them patrols though. The unit should make sure they plan some kind of events that all the boys can do together - snow shoe races, etc. - if there are only 6 or so lads on the trip and you have enough snow on the ground, they could all work together building a quinzhee shelter (a packed mound of snow that is partially hollowed out to form an igloo like shelter) that all of them could spend the night in (if they do this, make sure they put in sufficient ventilation holes or their combined body heat will warm the interior up enough to start melting the snow - it will "rain" on them while they sleep).


Otherwise, the two person teams responsible for their own cooking, cleanup, etc. could very well be a good thing - It keeps all the lads too busy to stand around and "get cold" - I've experienced many a boy standing around while someone was cooking dinner, breakfast, cleaning up, etc. with nothing to do but watch and complain that they were getting cold.


My biggest beef is that each team is planning thier own menu - you've stated that this unit has mainly done their camping at district and council events, not much on their own - winter camping - especially in the Northern tier states like Maine, can be downright deadly if not well planned - this is a case where, if I were the leader, would sit down with all the boys attending to plan a menu that they would all follow, even if they were cooking it separately, to make sure it was heavy in carbs and appropriate fats and a good portion of protein and not as much sugar, nutritious, and good for winter camping - frankly, the boys health and safety depend on it. Scrambled eggs for breakfast may sound good but for winter camping, you want heartier fare, oatmeal and pancakes - dinner something with pasta - we did one pot macaroni and cheese in which was added cooked ham and peas or corn. Good breads, fig newtons, cheese, gorp - all good things to eat when wanting the energy to stay warm.



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Calico - each pair is planning their own menus but have to get them approved before going shopping...I'm not sure if SPL or SM gets finally stamp on the menu or not, but they are reviewed.


Thank you everybody for your input, insight and opinions. Its a fine line to tread when coming from Cub Scouts. You are frequently met with "that's just because you are used to Cubbies, this is how Boy Scouts do it". Its nice to have a place to ask questions without that being the sole answer.




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in our troop we camp out every year in January/February. we cook, eat, and clean up as one group. we pitch our tents & camp in groups of at least 2. sometimes we camp in a group of as many as 4. i dont know about convience or anyhting, we put the boys together for body heat. i know nothing about 2 boy patrols.

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