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My name is Michael Badger. I am the new Chartered Organization Representative for our units. How I got here is quite a ride.


Almost 5 years ago, my first-grade son comes home with a Cub Scout application. I told my wife no way. She promptly signed him up. I told her at that time I wanted nothing to do with scouting.


Near the end of my son's Wolf year, I overheard the Cub Master talking about BALOO, and if they didn't have "someone" trained, the boys couldn't go camping. I volunteered. He had me fill in the personal info on an application. Later I found out he'd made me the Assistant CM.


Later, the CM up and quit and I became the CM, and not a very good one. When another parent wanted to be CM, I figured I was done. The WL quit. Just so happened my BALOO included OWL, so I got handed the WL job.


In 2009 I heard about this thing called wood badge, "Premiere Adult Leader Training." I knew I desperately needed some kind of training, so I signed up. All my Leader specific training had been done in a single seminar and I didn't feel specifically trained to do anything.


Halfway between the two weekends, The American Legion Post Commander calls me and asks me to take over the COR position. I thought "TICKET ITEM!"


So I completed the first part of the course (C-14-09, Owl patrol) and my wife says to me, "I thought you wanted nothing to do with Scouting?" My ticket is going well, and my son just earned his Arrow of Light and crossed over to the troop.


Looks like I will be involved for some years to come.

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Contact your districts training chair and see if they offer "Training the Chartered Organization Representative", I doubt it. If not you can read over the training material, http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Media/Relationships/TrainingtheCOR.aspx


Being a COR is what you make of it, most around here just sign a application now and then. You are a voting member district committee and the council, thought not many CORs are ever seen attending those meetings. Your might also want to check out this award, http://www.legion.org/documents/pdf/squareknot_update.pdf

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I've attended the COR Leader specific training, if that's what you mean. And at today's Blue and Gold Banquet I met our Council Executive who informed me of the extra meetings and responsibilities that exist for me at the district and council level.


Thanks for the training link. I'm not much of a note taker (can't write and listen at the same time) so being able to print this stuff is great.

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I agree the job is exactly what you make it (can you guess my role)? I am a very active in all 3 units I support (pack, troop and crew). Our CO requires the COR to also be the treasurer, so I have a double role w/i each unit. I teach at our pack day camp, go to camporees and summer camp with the troop, attend all the montly committee meetings and just recently completed my wood badge tickets 2 mos ago.


My DE isn't quite sure what to do with me, I am the only COR he actually even knows (we are in a large district). BUT - I don't do much at the district level; my heart and committment is with the youth. I do set the tone for each year's program and groups indulge me by letting me cook dutch oven meals at various functions.


My role allows me to be involved with youth of all ages and experience all facets of the scouting program. I work my one hour a week 11 months of the year. I do take November off every year for myself.


I have made the job mine while meeting the needs of the units.

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