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New Member Problems

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I am getting emails from individuals trying to register on this site, but not able to do so. I posted the information from one individual in the New To The Forum section, but never saw a reply. I've received emails from two more individuals with the same problem.



I'm having the same problem that you posted in that thread on behalf of Jay Newell. I am unable to join scouter.com because the site is not emailing a registration id. I've also tried the "Contact Us" form at scouter.com but I have not received a reply. I know you are not responsible for scouter.com but perhaps you could add this email text to that thread.


Thanks for your time,

Bob Hanson


Is anybody driving this train? If so, please reply or give a working email address so these people can reach you.

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That doesn't suprise me. I have not received a single e-mail notification from this site for months; despite the fact that I have requested e-mail notification on several threads. I saw that someone posted that they were having the same problem a while ago, but I don't recall seeing an answer (of course I wouldn't have receive an e-mail notification to tell me if there was an answer).

There must be a problem somewhere with the site and the owner/operator probably doesn't have the time to address it.

Just my 2 cents...


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Same problem after suggesting the site to someone...no registration ID sent and no replies to the mailbox.


I noticed the "newest members" box on the right hasn't changed for several days.


Running on autopilot or life support?

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