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out-there patrol names

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As a naive 11 year old many moons ago when I joined scouts I was put in the BOOTLEGGER Patrol.


Back then one troop had a PINK GORILLA Patrol


And when I went to TLD in '76 we were the BLUE MOOSE Patrol with patrol song patterned after Mickey Mouse club song.



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Our troop has the Big Kahuna patrol (patrol yell; We make waves) , Rolling Roadkill patrol (Lets hit the road), Buffalo Wing patrol (We're hot and spicy!). I have also seen other unusual names in our District, such as the Mighty Hamsters (patrol yel

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We were the Road Kill patrol for SM Fundamentals. Our patrol yell was thump! thump! Our patrol flag/neckerchief had an upside down armadillo. Our neckerchief slide was a toy truck tire.


Our scouts have been the Whho and the What? patrol for district/council events. They enjoyed the conversation - Q: what's your patrol name? A: what?


We did question them once when they wanted to be the Hooters patrol and use the owl patch. We weren't necessarily going to oppose it but suggested they discuss with their parents why they wanted to use that name. They reconsidered. Aren't 12/13 yr old's great!

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My troop has a few patrols which never change their names. We used to allways have Wolverine, Liberty( which the SM was in as a scout so we don't change the name), Soaring Eagle, and a new patrol which gets to choose their own name. We have had Cobra, Flaming Arrow (patrol yell: We Yell! We Yell! And when we yell we yell like this and this is what we yell! Amen! Amen! Amendiego San Diego Baby In a high-chair, who put her up there, Ma Pa sish Boom ba, Flaming Arrow Flaming Arrow Ra Ra Ra!), and a few others.


Now that our troop has shrunk we only have the new guys and Liberty patrol. Back when we only had liberty and Wolverine we would combine to form Livereen Patrol for camp outs.


For JLT I was in the Burgundy Bear Claw patrol. JLT patrol names are allways off the wall it seems. Ghost Caribou, Monkey-eyed-Mice, The Survivors (mosquito as patrol emblem),


I even know of a patrol in some troop called "sons of the revolution" which only lasted one camp out. You can guess which agricultural aind industrial implements made up their patrol emblem.

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We currently have the "Invisible" patrol, but I haven't seen them around lately...

We also have The Flaming Monkeys.


The best thus far was when the new boys created a summer camp patrol called "The French Patrol" The yell? "We Surrender!" Most amusing.


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Odd Patrol names? Lets see. I was just at summer camp.


From Summer camp:



Smite Me

Flying Frog

Iron Frog


Bandits [same troop as rebels]


From My Troop

We have had

The Radioactive Elephants




Fantastic Four


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Camp Hiawatha staff patrol names: 2004


The One- no yell- cardoard "1" as patrol flag


Badger- badger badger.....mushroom- red totem badger flag



Sausage- "SAUSAGE" said with a lisp- white flag with real BBQ fork stuck in magic marker sausage drawing


Chef Bryan's Fan Club- Thank You! - cooking apron with Chef Bryan's Fan CLub drawn on, given to staff cook when he left camp


Fog Horn- PL had an air horn for patrol yell- flag had "Fog Horn" in magic marker.


We also had a cub pack who called themselves the "raging retards" patrol, and many less out there boy scout patrol names

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Yeah.. some of those are pretty crazy

Over here in the Kaw District we have some strange names..

My troop name has been the Flaming Monkeys since '98

I personally also founded the "Rabid Wolverines" and the "Atomic Ferrets", and I'm a member of the Atomic Ferrets, affectionately referred to as the "nuclear weasels" by our rivals, the Purple Chickens...

There's also a multi-troop group called the "Mad Cows", consisting of many kids from my troop.

I have also been an "Electric Shark" and a "Toxic Beaver", although I can't take credit for those names...

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I served as the first-year camper program director at one of the camps I worked at this summer and picked up a few interesting patrol names:


Dead Fish

Flaming Tigers

Barking Spiders



Boll Weevils

I Don't Care



Some of these were especially interesting because I designed a totem for each patrol. It was quite a challenge for some of them. I saved the designs for them in case they ever came up again. I don't think that National Supply currently stocks Pyro-Squirrel or Duh patches.


We also had some of your more common names like Flaming Arrows, Cobras, Dragons, Ducks, Wolves, Indians, Badgers, and Scorpions.


I am also an assistant Den Leader for a Webelos Scout den about ready to cross over. What name did they choose? The Storming Bullfrogs. I don't know if they have come up with a yell and a cheer yet..

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This past weekend I had the privilege to meet the following patrols.

the seven elevens (a combination of troop one and seventy one)

the flying pink elephants

the mad cows

and the bavarian cornhuskers

as well as 11 other patrols with common names.

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Nice thread.


Our troops have had:

Flaming Weasels

The No-Names

Barbaric Burros

Duct Tape

Trogdor (see http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail58.html)


The oldest patrol in our troop is also the only one to ever earn the National Honor patrol award. They call themselves the Capitulators, and their yell is, "We're no strangers to fleeing from danger, the Capitulators!"


- Rick


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