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I don't think age matters as much as their rank and experience in the troop. And if the fellow troop members think enough of them to vote them in the position, then they should be given a chance and usually will do well.


By default though, our SPLs are usually the older scouts. And in our troop, the Adult counterparts are there to mentor the boy for their success. Like (SPL to SM), (Scribe to Advancement), (Quartermaster to Equipment Chair),etc


For us:

SPL - 16, Life

Assistant - 15, Star

Quartermaster - 14, Second Class

Scribe - 16, First Class

Troop Guides - 14-17, Star or above

Chaplian Aide - 15, first class (Yes, we even got on of those this election!)

Outing Coordinator - 14, Star

PL - 11-18, (depending on age of patrol, we form patrols according to age and when they come in together.)

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SPL - Just turned 17, finishing up his Eagle project and will be ready for EAGLE BOR probably in late spring or early fall.


ASPLS - 15, 16 Both Star


Instructors - 17, Life & 15, Star


Regular PLs, 12,2nd Class, 14, 1st Class & 15, Star. Our patrols are generally grouped by age.



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