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The question is a good one, but it would be a little easier to answer if you provide a bit more information.


Is there someone else in the troop who wants the job and could do the job with a little mentoring from you and the adult leaders? If yes, then the answer to your question is no.


If no, then the answer to your question is yes.


I loved being Senior Patrol Leader of my troop. It is one of the best jobs in Scouting. A Senior Patrol Leader can make or break a troop. If you're being asked to consider doing the job again, you were very probably a good Senior Patrol Leader. However, Senior Patrol Leader is also a posiiton that builds leadership in a young man like no other position. That's why I'm inclined to say that if there's someone who can benefit from the experience and build the troop at the same time, he should be given the opportunity.


And you should use your experience to help him do it. If, however, there simply is no one, then you should step back up to the plate and do your duty.


I hope this helps.



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"How about training a new SPL and what he can and should expect from his ASPL's ..."


Can a SPL have more than one ASPL, like a Scoutmaster has many ASM's?



By your question I'm assuming you've had a difficult time with certain aspects of your position. Maybe you could make a list of the things you do and don't like about being the SPL and weigh the two. Are there more positives than negatives?


Brainstorm ideas on how to solve or improve the things in the "don't like" column. Maybe you need better planning strategies, maybe you need to delegate more, maybe you need a different assistant(s), etc. Identify your weaknesses and seek help in those areas. YOU can make your SPL position more enjoyable.



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I thought I remembered some posts from you that sounded like you weren't having a very good time being the SPL, so I went back and read through all of your posts. I was right.


It seems that there is a lot of negative reinforcement going on in your troop, particularly from one of the ASMs. This is truly sad to me.


I don't know how many terms you've served, if there is anyone else that can do the job or anything else about your situation with this position, but I do know one thing. Even if you don't end up with this position you will likely be at least a PL, and one that needs to find positive ways of motivating people. Therefore, I'm going to start a new Thread for you to seek out ways of Positive Reinforcement.


Good luck with your decision.



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I have this same question. In my situation I am still organizing my troop. If you read some of my other posts you can get a better idea. Anyway elections are coming up and I REALLY LIKE BEING SPL but I wonder if someone else should do it. I mean if you knew the people in my troop I AM MOST QUALIFIED but I don't know if well... I am just plain confused... I will probably be moving soon so this would probalby be the last chance I will have to be SPL... ADVICE PLEASE>>>LOL. but seriously I need some outside advice.




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Often on this board you will read about the possibility or the reality of an adult being a "mentor' to a youth. There is nothing in the rule book, and i know Bob White will correct me if I am wrong, but rather I think he will agree with me about having an Ex-SPL " "mentor" a new SPL.


You give him direction, you give him guidance and he gives you a fresh perspective on issues. Together you will be stronger than alone, and even stronger than the mere sum of you two, (look up symbiosis)(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)

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Tamegonit says:


And another thing, if you are a "control freak", and don't think that you could control that tendancy whilst having that position, don't take it.


Those of you with intuitive natures will understand.


And those of us who have been there ourselves will also understand. You obviously are a perceptive young man. And as you go along in life you will see more examples of what you are saying. I am a member of a school board, and just think about attending meetings where there are NINE "control freaks" (to different degrees, I hope I am of the lesser variety) sitting around the table. It isn't pretty sometimes.


One thing I would add though, is that a "control freak" who becomes SPL may soon learn that trying to lead by actually LEADING -- which includes listening, and sometimes compromising -- works a lot better than "leading" by dictating. That would be a valuable lesson to learn, especially at that age.


As for Ryon: I agree with what dsteele said. I would put it that you should step back from yourself a bit and look at what is in the best interests of the troop. Did you have something special you wanted to accomplish that is only partially accomplished? That might be a factor for staying. But otherwise, if someone else is "ready" you may benefit the troop more by letting them take their turn. Your experience can be put to work in other ways.

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