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should I be SPL again?

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I take it your patrol leader tends to be telling patrol members what to do most of the time, does he ever ask for suggestions? Does he ever discuss the goals of the outing? And lastly, how does this style of leadership sit with the rest of the patrol? Does he have your loyalty? do you guys like him? Let us know

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When I made the decision on doing a third term as the Senior Patrol Leader I took a few questions into mind.


1. Do I have the time needed to do the position the same that I have done it in the past?


2. Do I have the energy to do hold the position again?


3. Who has more of the troop's respect, me or the person I was running against?


4. Do I want to concentrate on earning the rank of Eagle of running a troop?


5. Would it benefit the troop if I was to be the Senior Patrol Leader agian?


When I answered these questions I realized that some answers were yes and some were no. I then decided, since I couldn't answer the majority of the questions yes, that Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster would be the position for me.

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