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Yearly Annual Planning Meeting

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Our planning meeting usually happens the second Saturday following summer camp week (3rd or 4th Saturday in July). Since it's been that way for years, everyone should know when it's happening and make it part of their personal schedule (it's also on our troop calendar well in advance). Still some vacation conflicts occassionally, but minimal problems.


The school calendar for the coming year is a must - sometimes helps to have connections in the school system. Band camp, football practices, etc. for the fall are usually set by the time school ends in May.


We get repeats of favorite activities from year to year also. Sometimes the adult leaders take a "How about something different this year?" stance. We usually repeat a climbing/rappelling campout and a canoe trip almost every year at the same location, but the boys really enjoy going back every year. A backpacking/base camp campout happens every year, but we try to move the location each year.


LauraT7; Coming up with ideas is always the hardest part and only becomes easier when senior members of the PLC take the bull by the horns and stays on top of the rest of the PLC starting a couple of months before the annual planning meeting. Our PLC usually plans one regular meeting in late June with time for patrols to discuss/relay ideas for the upcoming year with PLs responsible for calling their patrol ahead of time with a reminder to come prepared with ideas.


For the monthly activity/campout, the boys come up with plans only as definitive as the date, theme, and place (with an alternate place if possible). Further details are worked out about 90-60 days in advance. The committee activities planning liason is usually the one to make reservations, etc. - this is usually better handled by an adult - but coordinates with both the PLC and the troop committee. Seems to work for us, as the PLC works with him on the planning and the committee is well informed about details.


Buffalo2; At the last committee meeting I threw out the idea of the committee serving lunch for the PLC annual planning meeting and they loved it. Thanks for the great suggestion!

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