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Name that adult patrol...

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I was in a troop once that had an adult patrol called the Middle Agers. The flag had two crowns and a jester's hat in the center for the SM and two SAs, and knights' helmets on the border for the committee. We did this to spark scout spirit among the boys by our example. There was a dual meaning to the name, and the true meaning came out in our yell. We would bend at the waist with one hand toward the ground, the other on the small of the back. We would then let out a loud groan as we stood up straight.

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Our Scouter Patrol (no one would call us adults and we didnt want to acknowledge we are grown-up) is called the Vultures, mostly becaue we dont cook. The patrols are tasked with cooking enough food for their share of scouters at a meal, we hang back and then swoop in for the food. (after making sure all the scouts have eaten first)


Our Patrol Totem is a feathered Vulture I got from Wal-Mart a few Halloweens ago, I put a cross piece on a old rake handle and wired it on, he is known as Buzz.


Our patrol yell is "we are watching you"

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We are the Gray Owls. We camp off away from the boys and have a field kitchen to cook for all the dads. We have a patrol leader that attends the PLC only as an observer to report to the other dads about camp timetables. We all wear an Owl patrol patch and have a song that gets sung on a few occasions. We never compete with the boys, we're grading them on camping skills for Honor Parol award.

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I don't know how I missed this topic!


We are known as the Bass Hole Patrol! On o our ASM's had a t-shirt with a picture of a bass on it and it had a hole right in the middle of the bass. That shirt is now our patrol flag!


A blessed Easter to all!


Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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We haven't come up with a name yet, hopefully this year we will. But we do have the Adult patrol yell. It goes something like this... all the adults start yelling random things like "Don't run through camp", "Where's your patrol?", "Put your shoes on", "Ask your Patrol Leader", and of course "QUIET".... All of these are yelled randomly, on top of each other. Chaotic of course.... It's good for a laugh.

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Pardon me but...


Isn't wearing a patrol patch on the adult field uniform come under the SPIRIT, if not the letter of:


"Note: Adults do not wear boys badges of rank."

Source: Adult uniform inspection worksheet, #34284



(meaning ... we're Scouters to support the youth in their program, not to relive our own youth)


I recognize the merits of using Patrol Method at New Leader Essentials Outdoor Skill Training as well as Wood Badge. Now, would someone point me to it in either SM or Committee guides? I've read through both, and I don't see it in context of adults.



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Should adults wear a patrol patch? No. Do I? Yes. Actually, one of my SM shirts has a patrol patch (my "activity" field uniform that I take on outings) and one does not (my "field" field uniform for more formal meetings such as COHs, roundtables, etc.).


By the way, not only adults, but the SPL and ASPL should not wear a patrol patch. Now, on the magnitude of BSA faux pas, I rank this as very low on the importance list.

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IOnterestingly the Uniform Inspection sheet displayed combines pack & troop leadership. The left sleeve carries a Troop Committeee patch while the right Flag & QU patch, but the accompanying text allows for Den Numeral,


"Right Sleeve.U.S.flag.Den numeral,

if applicable,is worn 2 inches below

seam.If appropriate,the most recent-..."


Carried to its logical conclusion... if Webelos dens should choose "patrol names etc" should their leaders not where them as well?


"Pot-stirring 101," slowly, smoothly so as not to tip the pot!


Hey maybe that should be our Patrol name, yell, "Get to work or get outta the kitchen!"


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Our Troop's "Adult Patrol" comprise of any and all adults that attend an outing with the boys. It's ever changing in it's membership. We're called the "Old Log" patrol. It's a reminder that, not only are we older, but we're supposed to be like "logs" when it comes to letting the boys experience their own growth and leadership in the troop. We just "lay there" until the boys need us. Oh, and we bring the car keys! ;)

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