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There is a thread here that talked about having a 20 minute PLC meeting every week, instead of a 2 hour meeting every week. I could not find it, so I well Bring it up here.

What does your troop do for PLC meetings, one a week in place of a troop meeting or a 20 minute meeting before or after the troop meeting or on another day altogether?

I wanted to ask the person who suggested the 20 minute meeting is how much does the PLC plan or do.

In your troop does the PLC plan the troop meetings with an agenda? Brainstorm for High adventures? Plan and setup campouts?

Or is this done outside the PLC and only high levels details talked about at the PLC, like is the agenda done and they approve it?


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Hi Dan

That was me and I should have been clearer. We have a 20 to 30 mminute PLC meeting followed by the hour and half Troop meeting every week. We change to this format so the SM could coach the SPL on a weekly basis, so the PLC could set gaols and monitor them weekly, and because practice makes perfect. Our guys will attend at least 25 PLC meetings during their six month time in office, and really twice that adding post Planning meetings and campout PLC meetings. Our guys really like the four 20 minute meetings a month over the two or three hour meetings once a month on the weekend.


>how much does the PLC plan or do.

Pretty much everything. Sometimes they do it badly, but that is boy run.


>In your troop does the PLC plan the troop meetings with an agenda?

The SPL is expected to write and agenda for every PLC meeting and campouts. I beleive agendas are so important for a successful leadership that our scouts at JLTC will plan at least a two a day. It's the first lesson I gave to the SPL after election.


>Brainstorm for High adventures?

Our Venturing patrol does that at a seperate plannng session as well as the PLC does a six month planning at a seperate session after an election. We plan the second six months of the annual agenda so the new PLC can walk into their six months already planned.


>Plan and setup campouts?

Partically, the ASPL in charge of program does a lot outside. The PLC handles all the business issues, troop gear, rules, disapline and so on. They even do the tour permits.


>Or is this done outside the PLC and only high levels >details talked about at the PLC, like is the agenda done >and they approve it?


I have found it depends on the ASPL. We teach the ASPL to plan all the details a month a head of time, then have the PLC give suggestions, then vote on it after the changes. But some scouts are more challenging than others. So it is somewhat dynamic and challenging for the SM. But the PLC is use to doing it all. My motto is a good SM is a lazy SM. My goal was to not attend at least the last months PLC meetings except for adult annoucements. No other adults are allowed except by permission of the SPL. Which he always gives.


Most adults who saw the troop before and after we changed to the 20 to 30 minute PLC format believe it made the most dramatic improvement to our boy run program. Honestly I can't see how a PLC could keep up with only monthly meetings. Most loose interest after an hour. Most adults anyway.


Sorry for the confusion Dan, does this help you?





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This may be somewhat "dated," but I think you are supposed to meet (PLC) monthly AWAY from the regular Troop meetings. You cover a month of weekly Troop meeting programs in detail.


We've evolved to having a PLC about every 7 or 8 weeks, because we have it at a regular meeting time slot. The PLC plans alternative programs for all of the other Scouts during this time, and the adult leaders are there to advise and supervise.


We did this because we couldn't get the PLC to meet any other time on a consistent basis with everyone attending. We use all of the available BSA program Helps, Wood's Wisdom, Boy's Life, and other documentation. We plan the meetings around upcoming events (camping trips, summer camp, high adventure, fundraiser, training, etc.). We use the standard Troop meeting outline as a start, but certainly is subject to change for special meetings.



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In the new Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training program there is a video sequence that covers this topic and it outlines a mix of some of the points raised here. the recommended process is a monthly PLC (Patrol Leader Council) meeting where the SPL (Senior Patrol Leader) works with the PLs (Patrol Leaders) to plan next months meetings and outdoor activity, with each PL assuming program and or service responsibilities to make things happen. Then 10 minutes prior to the troop meeting opening the SPL meets with the SM (scoutmaster) the main reason is for the SPL to do a quick overview of the agenda and the SM can offer encouragement and support to the SPL. After the troop meeting the PLC meets with the SM and SPL for about 10 minutes so they can do a quick evaluation of the meeting and remind everyone of the responsibilities they agreed to for the next meeting. For those looking for a way to improve their current methods this might be a good starting point.


Bob White(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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I am and was not confused! Well not anymore than normal. :)

The troop I am in has done the PLC meeting before and after and monthly, depending on the SM. Right now it is monthly 3 years ago it was after the troop meeting. I just wanted to know how others do it and how it works. Thanks for the Info.

Any others willing to share?

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Our troop meetings are on Monday evenings. During the school year, I recently instituted holding a PLC meeting on the Monday evening right after our monthly outing in place of the troop meeting. This gave some of the boys (non-PLC) a rest (after a Friday-Saturday-Sunday camp outing, attendance on the next day troop meeting was usually lower than other troop meetings.)


The boys are awful young (SPL is 12) and are struggling somewhat right now (the troop meetings are too much like a school classroom session) but that is what they have seen in the past and that is what they keep coming up with. I'm trying to gently persuade them to add more hands-on, games, patrol competition type stuff. THis obviously takes a little more work on their part to plan but I believe is worth it in the long run.

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It's nice to see that after all these years, the basics in PLC are still intact. We've adapted things to meet our needs, but maintain the detailed planning using all available BSA and other resources. Works great for us.




Sounds like a plan. However, I'm concerned about you "trying to gently persuade" your Scouts away from the school classroom sessions. I don't know if you as an adult should be getting this much involved...........(I'M JOKING, I'M JOKING !!!!!). But seriously, even with our older trained experienced Scouts, they have to be shown at least once, events and activities that they can really do in Scouting. It gets them started. And since you have such a young bunch, I find that they listen. Particularly when it's FUN. And it's supposed to be FUN !!!!!!! That's very contagious.



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(Preface: we're heavy into outdoor and camp every month)


I believe it is very difficult for a 13 year old to see into the future (or even think past the next meal:).


I believe the Scouts need specific, concrete items to present or discuss in the PLC.


We recently made a nice change that I offer here:


We now schedule our PLC meetings to correspond with the next outing. The PLC is the Monday prior to the outing. The Troop Meeting is on a Thursday, then the outing starts Friday.


Now the PLC spends most of it's time REVIEWING and POLISHING their plans for the outing happening just a few days away. They have a few days to make adjustments or corrections. Changes can be implemented during the Thursday Troop Meeting, making the Friday departure a result of their own planning.


During each Troop Meeting's Patrol Meeting, the PL is supposed to work with his Scouts to get them registered for the outing, plan menus, duty rosters, equip., etc. for the upcoming outing.


The PL then brings this written plan for his patrol and presents it to the PLC.


(they also discuss the "Next next outing" and Troop Meetings)


This keeps the PL on his toes and leading.


This makes the SPL responsible to review the PL's planning.


This brings up lots of discussion as the other officers critique his plan.

The older Scouts can offer advice.


This keeps the PLC accountable for the performance of the Troop.


This (helps) keep s from complaining or butting in.


This helps ME relax and let them lead because I know they are working on the right things.


Does this work every time? NO WAY! My boys are just like yours!


Does it help? Usually.


Most importantly, they boys tell me they like it because it helps them do a better job.

They feel more confident about their abilities. They LIKE to be re-elected or move up.


Suggestion: We have found "cyber PLC" to be beneficial. Good Scouts are ususally also heavily involved in other activites. We find it VERY difficult to get full attendance at meetings.


All our officers are online, so the PLC voted that each officer had to check his email every day. Now, much of the PLC "housekeeping" or regular business can be handled with emails to each other. The SPL can check with each officer and review/discuss/follow up items without a sit down meeting. Agendas, schedules, lists can all be distributed to the PLC online. They send me a copy of each email so I can watch their progress.


Our rule: nothing is broadcast to the entire group without SM's review.


Keep the faith!


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