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JLT/New Scout Campout

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Our troop is planning a JLT/New Scout campout in March.

We have 8 Webelos crossing over, plus our SPL/ASPL are new in the position. We currently have 8 scouts in the troop.


My idea is to have both programs separate, but camping as a troop.


I'm wanting to use the BSA101 program for the New Scouts with some modifications. I also have the JLT program material.


Looking at having a traditional campfire on Sat. night.


My questions/concerns are:


1. Want to keep it fun and not bogged down with a lot of "classroom" work.

2. Don't want to make into a logistics nightmare.

3. Has anybody else done this before?

4. We are a military troop and our SM will be deploying, not to mention all of us ASMs are all military and might be heading out.

5. There are two other troops (5 -8 scouts per troop) on base. Should we invite them to participate.


Any ideas and suggestions are more than welcome.





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I've done JLT, and I've done BSA 101s, too...not at the same time. I'd recommend doing the JLT first, and the BSA 101 on a subsequent weekend.


Your newly elected leaders will be forming as a team. I think they need to do that without the distractions of new Scouts on their first campout. If all your PLs, APLs, the SPL, and PL are in JLT, who's minding the store?


On the other hand, if you do the JLT as a campout first (great idea, BTW), part of the campout/applied JLT can be planning the BSA 101 for the new Scouts.


I'm not saying you couldn't pull it off since I don't know you or your other leaders, but that would be an incredible number of moving parts at a single event.


Good luck.



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Lo and behold, I'm planning to hold troop JLT training in March at a campout (cabin). None of the boys have had it yet. When March roles around, we will have about 7 boys who have been in the troop right at 2 years, 7 right at one year and possibly 2 - 6 brand new scouts who just crossed over from Webelos. My intention is to conduct JLT (my first time) for all of the boys except for the brand new just crossed over scouts. My feeling is that even though all of the boys are not on (in?) the PLC, they need to know the duties, responsibilities, etc. involved and could quite possibly become a PLC memeber inthe immediate future (elections are in April).



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How we have it set up is the SM will teach JLT and I'll be handling the BSA 101. Part of JLT will be helping out the new scouts. We'll also have one new ASM (just turned 18) on board.

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