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Den getting very large

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I have been in scouting for two years now. My son is a Bear this year and since the Tiger year I jumped in as DL and have continued along with taking care of the awards for our pack and being on committee. I feel like i have a pretty good sense of how things are handled or as least i did until recently. We have had an average of 9/10 scouts, a few have come and gone, that have been w me since tigers. We recently recruited 6 new boys. The Committee Chair and I discussed two dens with this high no. Several parents want two dens as some of the boys/parents dont get along perfectly. Four parents agreed to go into a seperate den w/me and I offered to take a few new scouts or none at all whichever made everyone happy. Another parent from the original den wants to be a leader so we have 2 DL and 2 DLA. Two parents fussed that they wanted to keep all the original boys together but there is no one from the new members wanting to take a DL role. Our COR will not allow the den to split thus leaving 15 boys in a Bear Den. Four of the families may quit scouting because they feel the COR will not honor their request for a new den which wld be safer, give ea scout more attn in the den, etc. I am schocked that no one is honoring the guidlines of 6-8 in a den or that of the request of these four families to be in a seperate den since we have the means. Any info wld be greatly appreciated.

Thx, T

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Welcome to the forums! Get in touch with your Unit Commissioner and and District Executive and explain the situation. Have them then explain it to the COR. The COR might not see the problem of losing scouts because of Den size. After explaining that growing Packs have more dens I am sure they will come around.

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