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What Did Jamboree Cost in Your Council

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Ours cost $1300, but we are the Baltimore Area Council. Just packed up the trailer like any regular event and drove down, so transportation costs were not an issue. Also, the boys came right home, no DC visitation (at least for our troop). Our troop can really do that anytime they want, as it is only about 45 minute train ride right into the heart of DC. I don't know what it included because I did not have the funds to send my son to the jamboree.


However, I did take him down to DC to visit the Adventure Base 100; no comparison to the jamboree, but was fun enough for something to do and was FREE. We saw many other Scouts down there walking around in the Smithsonian museums we went to and I had to wonder something - was or is there some type of arrogance amoung the Scouts who were lucky enough to have parents who could afford the jamboree and could go? My son was in his uniform and several times tried to talk to them and even salute one who was senior (Eagle), with no response. Well, he did get one grunt. Anyway, they were extraordinarily rude and poor Scout examples, IMHO.

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$2400.00 fee. NW Ark. Provided transportation on Tour bus to and from jambo all meals provided. Large duffle bag, quality back pack, 3 troop class B shirts,1 cap, all uniform patches for 2 shirts, jambo neckerchiefs, a tote tub. Toured capital, Lincoln memorial, T. Jeffersons home, several museums, Arlington cemetary, Mt. Vernon, $100.00 Debit card, White water rafting. Bought all tables, tents, rain flys, eating utinsels , snacks, ect. shakedown weekend. Will be having a "reunion" in 2 months where a quality meal and program will be provided for all the jambo participants as well as their immediate family.

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Our council charged $1900 last jambo this year it is $2000. The troops went to New York City then stayed 2 nights in Washington DC. Will go to the Summit on Monday. The problem I have is our council is trying to turn this into a fund raiser for the council by cutting side trips out at the last minute and holding back funds. Right now they are planning for a $7000- $10,000 surplus that won;t go to the scouts but be funneled into the general fund. I don't think that is right. What are other councils doing with surplus funds after Jambo?

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Sequoia Council (Fresno Area) ran $3500. Included the bus from Fresno to SFO, flight to Philly, 2 Days touring Philadelphia area including Valley Forge, a trip through Gettysburg on the way to DC. Three days in our nation's capitol and environs (included the amazing Marine Corps barracks Evening Parade) plus a side trip to Mt Vernon. Then there was the trip through Charlottesville and a tour of Monticello on the way to Jambo. They stayed in decent hotels and all meals were paid for.

After the Jamboree they'll return to DC for another night, plus a visit to our Congressmen, before flying from DC to SF and returning to Fresno via bus.


For gear we got the big duffel bag, a really nice daypack, the standard set of contingent patches, a hat, a jacket and probably some other little odds and ends. Included in the master fee were also the 3 "training " campouts.


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