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Obama not speaking in person at Jambo

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Sure Gern, Let's make everybody watch a video.


I remember after Tailhook , I had to give a mandatory 45 minute class to a company of reserve Marines who were not at the Tailhook party.

That approach is just plain stupid. It does not address the core issue.


I stated before, I served a long time to make sure kids can say anything they want to about the nation's leaders, let's keep it that way.


I also stated that I was there that night. It certainly was not everyone in the crowd. As a slice of the nation 54% could have drown out the rest.


This guy ain't Jesus. He has said many times he is not in a popularity contest he believes he is fighting everyday for the right thing. I respect him for that, I think he 's wrong, but he's a fighter.


As far as national demanding something, we can't get so many things right as it is. If National demanded that I think I would defy it. Maybe we should can those who disagree with all BSA policies. Some little skinny guy, who was very bright said, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."


As for my character, don't worry Gern I'm doing ok.








Balance here was deleted by me it started saying a bunch of things that were true but not part of the discussion.

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After viewing that video clip, I have to say I am disgusted. If I were the contingent Scoutmaster, or the Scout Executive of that council, I would be very unpoular right now because we would have marched right out of that arena and packed the bags and started for home - right then and there.


The View is a Fox Noise red herring - the only people clinging to that are those that can't quite grasp that the President has a "magic airplane" at his disposal that could have easily gotten him to the jamboree site after taping The View.


I'm glad to see that someone hasn't forgotten what happened the last time the President visited the Jamboree. And anyone who says security isn't an issue - the last time the President visited the Jamboree, it was on the same military installation - and security was still a nightmare.


The FYI on that clip says "we booed him because he didn't come in person". Wrong - they booed him because they're inconsiderate little snot-bags who aren't living the Scout Oath or Scout Law in their every day life. Those are the Scouts I would say are not Eagle Scout material.



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President Bush didn't come to Jambo in 2001 when my older son was there and President Obama was absent from this year's when my younger son was there. Neither of my sons think much about it either way. My younger son was thrilled he got to go backstage after the opening show and hug Miss America and later got meet and talk with Mike Rowe.


He did say he was angry about all the booing. In his words, "It was sad, Mom, you could hear cheers from some areas, but not in the Southern Region (our area). I was going to cheer, Mom, but I was afraid of being pounded by all the people around me."


The worst part, he said, was that even the adults around him were booing. That disappointed him most of all.



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From the cheap seats, I heard/saw only one Scout boo the video. Someone stepped in front of him and confronted him about it. A fine demonstration of the Freedom of Speech all around.


I will also add that I and quite a few Scouts and Scouters around me chose not to stand up for the video, despite being instructed to do so by the PA announcer. That was primarily due to having just walked four miles to the arena and only recently gotten comfortable in my Crazy Creek. Secondly, I don't generally stand up for the TV. I have to admit when the National Anthem is played before a game on TV I sit through that too. When at the game I stand, remove my hat, place my hand over my heart and sing along. Had BHO actually been at the show, I would have stood and shown proper respect for the president.


I wonder how many View viewers stood up while watching Obama on TV?

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I agree 100% with all who remind us we should respect the office of the President regardless of our feelings toward the actual person in the office. As Americans, we need to support our form of government and Mr. Obama currently stands as the most visible representative of our society.


In turn, it should be expected that the person holding the office of President of the United States should treat his position with the proper dignity. Many presidents have portrayed themselves as being "one of the people". But I think "the people" traditionally have held the President in great respect and expect him to be somewhat above the rest of us. I believe when President Nixon appeared on "Laugh In", we started to lose some of that presidential dignity.


Frankly, I was somewhat embarassed to see my president appear on a "gossip" show such as "The View". I expect him to be much too busy for such appearances. I want to know he is focused on the economic crisis, not "Jersey Shore" characters.


Foreign nations no longer consider the President of the United States to be the most powerful person in the world. I believe that is do in large part to how the American people and our own presidents have treated the presidency. It is time for all to bring respect back to the office.



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"Frankly, I was somewhat embarassed to see my president appear on a "gossip" show such as "The View". I expect him to be much too busy for such appearances. I want to know he is focused on the economic crisis, not "Jersey Shore" characters."


Well then I would think you would have been relieved to learn that on The View, President Obama admitted that he doesn't know anything about Snooki (which really confirms that President Obama had a heck of a joke writer for his talk at the correspondent's dinner).


The again, you do seem to have a pretty dismissive attitude towards The View. I guess in your world, talk shows hosted by women, including perhaps the most honored and respected woman in broadcast journalism history, can't possibly be about anything but gossip.


Never mind that the President talked about the Shirley Sherrod incident, which was very current news, jobs, the economy, and the wars on The View. Never mind that at about 6.6+ million viewers, President Obama reached more people than he did when he appeared on Meet the Press, or Face the Nation, or This Week (and that no one seems to be criticizing his appearances, or any other President's appearances, on any of those shows).


No, let's just criticize the President for appearing on a news opinion show that you can't accept as a news opinion show because it's not geared to white, middle and upper class, males.


Sexism is alive and well - let no one even try to deny it.

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Personally, I am truly disappointed that some "Scouters" seem to have lost perspective on what the Law and Oath stand for, and are setting such a poor example for our youth. The booing is a direct reflection of what the scouts have seen, very possibly from some leaders, neighbors, and, sadly, very likely familial adults.


We "Should" be better than that.

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"If you were a tree what kind of tree would you be?"


She lost me right there.


What was she thinking???"


Except that it didn't happen that way. Despite popular culture (and Wikipedia) claiming that Barbara Walters asked Katherine Hepburn "If you were a tree, what kind would you be", Barbara Walters never asked that question.


What really happened is that during her interview with Katherine Hepburn, Hepurn said "I'm like a tree". I don't care what kind of journalist you are, if you're good at what you do, then when someone comes out and states, without any prompting, "I'm like a tree", you have to follow-up and ask "What kind of tree?". That is simply good interviewing technique so let's give Barbara the credit she deserves as being one of the premier interviewers of the late 20th, and first decade of the 21st century that she is, without continuing to spread the lie that Barbara asked the "what kind of tree" question out of the blue.




ps - the answer was "An Oak" - which gives a good glimpse into the character of Katherine Hepburn, and how she viewed herself in the world.


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