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Many of you have mentioned referring to old handbooks for ideas on Scouting of the "good old days". Google Books has archived Boys Life back to the 1920s. I will start you off. Google the following:

"Boys Life" featherweight chow

the quotation marks seem to be important (at least until I spend more time on their site). To access other issues, click at the upper left. The issues from the late 30s, the 40s, and the early 50s were the most useful to me

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I was hopeful, my husband has been itching to get his hands on a Boys life from late 1957. He was told there was an article in it about the Jamboree from August 1957 that his father ran in Germany, while stationed over there in the Army. I guess when the Jamboree started his mother was pregnant with him, and 4 day over due.. They had all sorts of line feeds out from the Base to where the Jamboree was held to notify his father when she went into Labor. Since he was in charge of the Jamboree, he had to be there with a way to leave at a moments notice.


Anyway, no luck on finding the article for him. They had the American National Jamboree and the World Jamboree in England. in the Sept - Dec 1957 magazines. But nothing about a Jamboree in Germany.. I called and told him. He called his mother. His mother then said it probably wouldn't be in the American "Boy's Life" but the one for that country.. (May not even be called "Boy's Life")..

So forget it.. If it is in an out-of-country magazine, how do you find, when you can't translate anyway..?


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