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Someone tell me staffing is fantastic

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I have my assignment, which sounds good, and I'm ready to send in my remaining payment. The only thing I'm worried about is the 2 weeks of vacation I'm going to take without my family.


Someone please tell me that staffing the jambo is an amazing experience, and that I'll enjoy it even without my family? Will I be really busy the whole 2 weeks, and if not, is there stuff to do that will fill my hours? Is staff housing and food at least acceptable?


I hope this doesn't come off sounding whiny...I'm really not that way.


Thanks, Dave


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I have never been on staff at a Jamboree.

However a good many of my friends have gone back time and time again.

If it was all bad? I don't think they would have.

Most of these guys have staffed in the Action Areas.

My son was on staff in 2005, he had a great time. He got to meet Hoop-Scout who was also on staff in the repelling area.

I don't know much about the food. But back in 2001 in sub camp 5 there was a group from New Jersey doing the cooking for staff. The head cook and bottle washer was an Irish guy, who made sure I never wanted for a cup of coffee and had mastered the art of cooking cakes and fried chicken. Needless to say I was a frequent visitor.

Bob White who used to post in this forum was on staff and he and I did get to spend some time together that year.

While of course it's not the Hilton. I'm sure that you'll have a great time.

I'm not going next year as I have a lot of other stuff that I need to take care of.



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I have to tell ya I am in the same kind of boat.... this will be my first year to staff and even though i am in the area the 2 weeks is a big chunk of time.....means i dont get to do other trips with the family but to be honest.. this being the 100 year and all i think this will have an impact that will stay with me for awhile...and yes spouse support and family support are essential and they are starting to warm up to the idea..



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I know quite a few jambo staffers and would jump at the opportunity. Heck I am praying that BSA gets WSJ in 2019 so i can work that one!


That said I did meet one person who had an aweful time working staff at a NSJ. She didn't like the heat, didn't like the fact that she had no privacy in the GP tent she was staffed in, hated walking to places, etc, etc. I told her she could stay at the shop and I'd take her place at jambo. Unfortunately it was a command performance for her to attend, and national had a pesky rule about national employees NOT staffing jambo UNLESS authorized.


Bottom line is this. IF you are use to extended periods of camping AND want to have fun, you will. there will be opportunities for you do to things I'm told. As for food, bring snacks, spices, and some tobasco (or bring patches to trade for the Tobasco "hat pins" that the SELAC contingent usually brings ;) ) heck just bring patches as they are the currency of a jambo.


Last but not least, if you don't want to go, I'll take your place ;)(This message has been edited by eagle92)

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OK, staffing is fantastic.


Actually it sort of is. I'm going back for my 3rd hitch. You will be busy. Every Staff is different. Some work one day on and one day off. Some work every day with scant time off. Most Staffs work it so everyone gets at least one day off to see the Jamboree. Especially newbies. Depends on the needs of your group and how well they have done at filling their needs. And, at the last minute some people no-show for whatever reason and can create a bind. Any time off you have will be well spent getting out and seeing the sights.


Housing. It varies. Some staffs are housed in perm barracks. Some (high ranking) are housed in cabins on Officer's Row or even off post. Most live in a Staff tent village in 8-10 man squad tents. You will be issued a cot. It may be hot. If it rains a lot it can be wet.

About all you will do there is sleep.


Food. Varies. Most staffs eat in a Staff Dining Area. It's not great, but not awful. Better than Army chow used to be (69/70). Probably superior to your food at Summer Camp. You'll get a sack lunch daily at a kiosk and they are (were) good. Plenty of snack bars around. MMM Choco-tacos every afternoon. Some Staffs (like subcamp staff) have their own dining arrangements and have cook staffs of many Jamborees tenure. I have dined as a guest and the food can be spectacular. They also assess the Staff for buying really good food. Think steak.


You will be busy. You will have fun. You will be hot. But you will work with great people and make many long lasting friendships and will be sucked back next time by your friends.

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I went for the first time in 2005, and worked in the Bikathalon area in the Western Region Action Center. Like others had said, the heat for the first few days was horrible, and then it cooled down and became bearable. I got 1.5 days off to see the Jamboree, one of those days my wife and daughter came and toured with me. I slept in one of those 10 man army tents, (make sure to bring an electric fan with you to provide some breeze while sleeping). I thought the food was very good, much better than camp food, we paid an extra $25 per person with the sub-camp staff to have a fresh fruit and salad bar with our breakfast and dinner meals. My son was also going as an attendee and I saw him about every other day, but only because he and his buddies liked the event that I was working at.


And yes I will be back for the next one and will be working at the Western Region Bikathalon again. I had a lot fun in 2005 and expect to have much more in 2010.

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