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Boy Scout Music Video

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The life of what Boy Scout? Sorry, it's very creative, but I'd never let it see the light of day near my boys. Just wrong on lots of levels. Surely does not represent very many of the boys I know in the Detroit Area Council.


Maybe take some of your obvious talent and put it to better use...



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Wow! I'm sorry, PaulBunyan, but I have to agree with the other posters. While the talent and creativity is most definately there, I don't think that the Boy Scouts is the best vehicle by which to display that talent. I wish that I had something more positive to say, other than to echo the sentiments of putting your talent to better use.

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Edgy but likely to appeal to scouts in the 13-16 range.


Profanity aside, scouting could use more of the bravado edge displayed in this video.


An old cartoon


teenager: "Dad, every time I jump and gas peddle the motor shakes. What causes that?"


Dad: "testosterone"




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We've been had by the worst kind of troll ... a commercial troll.


The OP made four posts in one day, all promoting this video.


The actor involved, Sean Scarlett, is 26 years old.


Judging by the antiquity of the POR patch, that's a shirt he picked up at a thrift shop.


I'm not giving this goofball any more of my time or mental energy.

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