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How involved is the job of 1st Asst. SM for the Jambo

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The leaders guide gives this job a very brief and uninformative description. Can anyone provide some detail as to how this job works, and how much of the boys experience at the Jambo depend on this job getting done well?




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Well, you are the backup for the Jambo SM. If he gets hit by a bus, you are the man. At least that is what the SM told me my job as 1st ASM was. That being said, I went as 2nd ASM in 2005 and he has never been, so he is depending on me as the one with the knowledge and experience of how things are done.

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If you have a capable SM, it is the easiest job in the world. You're not the QM, nor the 3rd assistant and have to deal with the youth. :)


It is sort of the the Vice President, it is either the easiest job in the world or if disaster strikes - a very involved one.


That said, in our council, one "applies" to be SM and for those who do not make it - you may get selected as 1st assistant. That is what happened to me in 2005. Our council had 5 troops go to Jambo and around 35 folks applied to be SM for those troops. Out of that cache, they chose 5 SM and 5 1st SAs.(This message has been edited by acco40)

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