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Plans for Jamboree Troop Meetings

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As the SM for Jamboree Troop 143 I am looking for plans or ideas on best topics for the monthly Jamboree Troop meetings. I know we have to form a committee, talk about some fund raising, get on the same page with uniforms and gear, talk about Jamboree opportunities, and the Code of Conduct. What I'm hoping for is that some Council has already put together some "program helps" with proven ideas for getting a group of boys from different areas to begin to gel as a new group and for getting the youth leadership to rise to the top so we don't end up picking some "popular" goofball as SPL as happened once before. If you know of an existing plan that could be shared please let me know. I'm not a first timer at this but I don't really want to reinvent the wheel if somebody has some good resources. Thanks in Advance.

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Not a plan for program, but I'd like to say it would not hurt select, rather than elect, the SPL, ASPLs, QM and Scribe. Use the interview process. My WSJ troop did this and while the first pick for SPL was lazy by the time we got to England, the second SPL worked very well.


Besides, for a troop to work well, there should be as little friction between the Green bar patrol and the Geezer patrol, and if the leaders pick the youth leaders, you can reduce the friction risks a lot.

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