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Blew my Chance for Jamboree 2010

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"One problem I have seen with events like Jamborees is that a lot of adults want to attend because they want to be there.

I have seen Scouter's from the Council I serve apply who are past their "Sell By Date" guys who have attended lots of Jamborees and seem to think it's their right."


Sadly, you see this with a lot of groups. Jamboree isn't unique. (replace Jamboree with NOAC or other major scouting events). And its not unique with scouting, either.


"They do put themselves before the important people -The Scouts!"


Again, you see such people in many areas. Personally don't care for them, and hope I never become someone like that.


Yes, I like to go to the major events. But I like to feel that its a 'right' only so far as I've done work to allow me to go, and that while there I will be contributing in some way on staff.


"Then just to make matters worse some nit will write a big article in the Jambo newspaper about some old guy who is really old and hasn't missed a Jamboree since BP was there."


I don't think there's anything wrong with such articles, unless you think they somehow encourage such idiots.


"I did have one ASM who wasn't used to traveling by foot. I think I spent the best part of each day waiting for him to catch up with me."


Well, there are all kinds. I'm not in the best of health (getting better), but I do a lot of walking. At Jambo I pretty much got everywhere on foot (probably could count on one hand how many times I used a bus). Despite being a bit overweight, I seem to have to wait for others to catch up with me. Go figure...


"I did exchange words with one fellow who didn't want our Scouts to stop and refill their water bottles. He felt that we were holding up the line.

Needless to say the water bottles were refilled.

Most Scouts are used to being active and out and about."


Well, having helped out in 2005 at the Exhibit area when they had to shutdown the opening show, I saw a lot of stupid stuff.

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