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will the "old" uniform be "allowed" at the Jambo

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Our council is going with mandatory newest of new. I bet the National staff would prefer it, but I don't think they can mandate that everyone who enters the property have the newest of new uniform.

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What happened to thinking green? I am my council's contingent chair and I have no intention of requiring the new uniforms. I will encourage them to purchase one new style shirt for the purpose of utilizing the synthetic fabric for the march. I also plan on aquiring enough green loops so everyone has the same color since that would look silly. Also the are coming out with centennial shorts which look just like the converables with no leg extensions.

Herb D

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Excerpt from 2010 Jamboree Staff Guide (Chapter 2, page 10):


What to Bring


Personal Equipment and Uniforming

The national jamboree committee is anxious to reduce excessive expenditure for jamboree uniforms. Those specified here are the same as are used by the participants in regular unit activities. Special jamboree troop numbers are optional. There is no requirement for participants or staff to wear the new uniforms introduced in 2008.



That's pretty clear and concise and should eliminate any confusion for jamboree staff.

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