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Could this be the 2010 Jamboree Patch??????

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Yes it is.


I have to say its yet another dull design, as have the last 2 jamborees.


Let's see. Throw in the american flag, check. Throw in the BSA logo, check, throw in the BSA 100th logo, check. All done. National really needs to send some of their people to Rick Obermeyer's patch design course at NOAC...


They seem more excited about the manufacturing process they are using then the design. It's similiar to the process used for the BSA-WSJ contingent back patch and the Centennial Unit award patches, but 'better'.


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The patch has the 100th Anniversary Logo incorporated into it. I think it's cool that a youth member of a Scout Troop came up with it. I'm proud of it personally and I'll wear it with some pride, as if I had anything to do with it.



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