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21st Century Wood Badge for Jambo ?

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Fellow Scouters,




MRCTroop340, Excellent Posting! Though, The short quote is still a little too restrictive.


NER is Northeast Region, and addressing about staff positions. I am pleased to read about that. But, the Jamboree council contigent SM, 1,2,3 ASMs are participant positions.


Ideally, WB trained is WB trained. We don't make adult Eagles re-earn their Eagle Rank after every advancement or merit badge change. Of course, maybe if we took away the Eagle Rank from adults and make them earn it all over again; the previous Boy Scout Leader Wood Badge versus the current Wood Badge for 21C disagreements would quickly stop.


Hopefully, all four regions and national will follow suit with NER and consider WB trained to be WB trained. Regardless of Jamboree Staff, Jamboree Participant, or just your old WB trained Scoutmaster and ASMs taking their Troop to Summer Camp.




Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv


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