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International Contingents

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Hi, Will the 2010 Jamboree have international contingents? Is there a policy to be hosted by an American troop. I am in Canada and would like to have some information in order to make the registration deadlines when they come up. Thanks in advance for any information.

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AFAIK, our 2010 National Jamboree will have international contingents.


Frankly, I have no idea how that is handled. I would think you will need to contact YOUR National Office. I believe the BSA communications information on international contingents to their counterparts in other countries, who then deciminate the information to their people.


Most of the people in this list are people who are either going to be BSA staff members or involved with BSA council contigents, and will probably not know too much.


Considering that the BSA is going to be starting to take on-line applications in the summer, I would think they will most likely be sending out info to other countries around the same time.


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