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Merit Badge requirements for LD Scouts

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"Had our Committee meeting last night and the Mom attended. We finalized the steps to adjust rank requirements."


Only the Council Advancement Committee can approve adjusted rank requirements and only then with-in certain guidelines that they have

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It is unfortunate that Mom sees the destination rather than the journey. There is more to Scouting than just advancement. Paths taken and things learned can be more fulfilling than ranks and merit badges earned.


"We finalized the steps to adjust rank requirements."


I hope that in your discussions someone has been deligated to contact your Council's Advancement Committee Chair. They do need to be contacted to find out exactly what your Council's proceedures are in obtaining alternate requirements. They will also have an idea of how long the process takes. A time frame may be 3-6 months before final approval. The good news is once approved the Scout's tenure should be extended beyond the age of 18.


As already stated only the Council advancement committee can approve the requirement changes. The scout should not complete any of the proposed alternate requirements until you have received final Council approval.



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What we finalized was that the Advancement Chair would take care of submitting and tracking the response from Council. That way we have a paper trail of the changes made. We stressed at Committee that they needed approval before work started.


Our Troop meeting was last night and Mom was speaking to the ASM when I got to her. She has a meeting with our Council exec on Monday and he's hoping to hear back from National before then.


We also agreed that if the scout attends a Merit badge class he will be awarded a certificate stating something to the effect that he worked on the requirements to the best of his abilities and will be recognized at the CoH.


After a long talk with her, she understands the social value of Scouting, but also wants him to be recognized for the effort he exhibits. She feels that may drive him to accomplish more, and I have to agree with that. Hopefully by the time he gets his 2nd or 3rd certificate for a merit badge, he'll actually earn it.


Again I want to thank everyone with their help and on this subject! In the words of our Committee Chair - "You are the BEST!"



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I have read with much interest all of the responses. I am fortunate in that I work with a dedicated special needs unit. Many of these replies where very interesting. We follow a very basic rule with our Scouts. On my honor I will do my best. We as the adult leaders of the troop must determine what that is. we are fortunate that we have much support from our District. Good luck with your scout and don't ever give up.

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