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After the final clean up on tuesday night some of the staff were asking other staff this question.

Would you work jambo again? would you do the same job? why?


let's hear some opinions? I know it was a rough start but how was rest of your experience?

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Funny, we adult leaders were asking the same question. Most of us said it was fun to do......once. Ask me today if I'd do it again and the answer is a reserved no or probably not. Ask me 3.5 years from now and it will probably be a reserved yes. With the passage of time, we usually forget the bad and only remember the good.


Some of us said we wouldn't mind coming back as staffers. While we appreciate how hard the staffers worked, they had perks the leaders did not. Occasional access to vehicles, laundry facilities, electricity, unburned food AND....not having to do constant head counts because of immature and irresponsible scouts.


I'd be interested if the staffers thought the leader's side of the fence looked greener than their own.

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This was my first time on staff and the first time at a Jamboree since 1969. I just got back two days ago, and already I wish I could look forward to another next summer!


At our staff encampment (Longstreet) some staff were billeted in non-AC barracks, but most of us were in army tents on army cots. We had decent food from the mess hall, indoor showers, and washer/dryers. But still, the grueling weather and constant daily exertion took a toll on us the same as everyone else. And while some of our staff were X-gen, many were in their 60s, 70s, and even some great old guys (and gals) in their 80s. Over meals, I got the chance to chat with many long time staffers. For some, this was their 3rd, 4th, 5th or more Jamboree! The depth of experience and commitment to Scouting was truly humbling. At evening mess, when we would wear full uniform, I've never seen so many silver beavers in one place in my life!


My one regret was that my 16 y.o. son was not there with a troop to share the jambo experience. I have no idea where my life will take me over the next 5 years, but given the chance, I'll be back on staff in 2010!

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I was on staff for the 2001 Jamboree. I sat this one out, but I am considering taking a shot at 2010. I was on trading post staff at 2001, and I would probably consider doing it again.

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This was my 3rd Jamboree. I was 1ASM in 97 and Postal Staff in 01 and 05. I don't envy Troop ldrs. It is very stressful to herd 36 boys. Actually my experience was that Jambo was a break after touring for 4 days. 99% of staff lived in un airconditioned tents or barracks and ate in a mess hall or tent. Food was OK, much improved from 01, but not great. I plan to do it again in 2010. The people you work with make it worthwhile.

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Hello, I sent a 16 year old girl to the Jamboree to work on staff at

disAbility Awareness Area. As her mother I was a little uneasy with

the idea of sending her and about only 100 other young ladies to be

in the mist of 45,000 boys. Her leader here assured me she would be

well taken care of, considering I knew before she ever left she

would NEVER communicate home while she was gone.This volunteer job

cost her approx $1,000.00 so it was a very expensive but memorable

experiance. In preparation for the camp she worked at a Texas Girl

Scout Camp the entire summer sleeping in very high heats to help her

be ready for what Virginia had for her. We had been advised of the

high heat and high humity, plus she was going to be in a tent. She

is quite a stand out as it is she went in wearing a pink cowboy hat

and said she really never took it off. Her and her friends were very

amazed at how some boys treated them, they said some acted as if to

have never seem a girl before. The boys were all perfect gentleman

in everyway even though I felt bad because many were awwed with the

girls.She said she has now heard every pick up line possible.

Elizabeth came home with more token gifts(presents) than I could

ever imagine.

She received a souviner spoon, teddy bear, pins, patches,

shirts,even a young mans high school hoodie sweatshirt. Her day

there was very long , hard , and hot she worked from 8am to 6pm

every day but 1 1/2.

her area was at a place called the Rock and no shade to be found.

She never got a break and someone just brought her a sandwich if she

got a lunch. She said though the fan which I sent her was turned to

heat at night because she often got cold(What am I going to do when

she goes to Switzerland next summer).

She came home with a swollen knee which hasn't gone done yet, and a

snack bite to her wrist, but asked was it worth it all She said YES

and wants eveyone in the family to go in 2010.

She has also met many really nice people and already gotten emails

from, and right now is out on a date with a young man she met.Yes I

am sorry to hear all the negative but with proper preparation and a

open mind to have a great time I can just say that was acomplished

with my daughter.She really loved the 12 cubed show she said she

attended it 7 times and sat on the front row. That was all she got

to see of the Jamboree because eveything was always closed when she

got off. I know this is long but I just wanted to share. Pam MOM PS she never did laundry the whole time just used a 1/2 a bottle of Febreeze.


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I remember Elizabeth with the pink cowboy hat. I talked to her in line at the mess tent, sat behind her at the Saturday night performance of 12 cubed and saw her all over the Mahone Staff area. What a nice girl. She's 3-4 years younger than my daughters and a real delight. You should be proud.

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If the food this yr was better than in 01, I'm glad I was here this yr! At best it was "camp food". If you wanted to be on a diet, this was the place to be with the portion controls in place.


I was at trading post (B for best!). I'd go back and do it again. Even though we worked 18 days straight, I'd probably go back there again. We had the best group of people to work with.

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You were one of the Super B's. I stopped quite a bit at Trading Post B and even asked one of the workers if you were around, but alas, did not get any help. You guys were great. I was in Sub-Camp 11, Troop 1113 behind the shower house. Sorry I didn't get to meet you.

David Harrison

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Elizabeth worked right next to my program area. While I did not get to meet her, we were all impressed by the quantity and quality of activities in the disAbility Awareness area. It was amazing the number of participants they served each day. I was hoping to get over there to try the blind baseball but never got the chance. I glad to hear she had a good time.



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Nick, it was a pleasure to see you again at Jambo -- wish I could've spent more time at your booth. I'm glad to see the Unitarians again engaging with BSA.


When I left the Jamboree last week, I had my doubts that I wanted to do it again in 2010. But the more I think about it, I think the good outweighs the bad, and I will very likely apply once again to staff the Episcopal Scouters booth in 2010.


Because I left early, I was not able to leave an after-action report -- I definitely have some suggestions for improvement, but I seriously doubt the Relationships staff will listen to any of it.


Anyway, I look forward to seeing you and the Relationships staff again in 2010, and it is my fervent wish that my 11-yo son will still be in Scouting and attending the Centennial Jambo with me!


Fred G.

Alamo Area Council

National Episcopal Scouters Association(This message has been edited by fgoodwin)

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What was your program area at Mahone? I was in SC 17 and went thru Mahone everyday on my way to somewhere. If I'd had any idea you were there, I'd have stopped by to meet you.




Trading Post B folks were the best!!! I had stopped in at the scout shop during the death march to cool off at the huge warehouse fan they had as I was getting overheated. On the way back, I had a boy from our troop getting overheated. We were coming up on your area and I remembered the fan. They were shutting down because of the approaching storm, but let us in to treat him. They put bags of ice on his neck and head, gave him gatorade and wrapped wet towels around him in front of the fan. He almost got hypothermic! As the storm approached, we were moved to the trading post with about 15 other scouts to ride the storm out. I still recall Trading Post B with fond memories of a great bunch of scouters.

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