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The Associated Press

Monday, July 25, 2005; 7:45 PM




BOWLING GREEN, Va. -- The Boy Scouts of America says five of the organization's leaders were killed in an electrical accident during the opening day of the Boy Scout Jamboree.


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Latest word is 4 killed, 2 hospitalized and expected to be ok. They were putting up a big tent and contacted a power line. Looks like jamboree staff. One was a contractor. BSA has no names or locations yet.

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Subcamp 711 - The people are from western Alaska.


from the official BSA Jambo website



Prayers and Sympathies Offered

to Scout Leaders' Families and Friends

Four BSA leaders died in an electrical accident at Fort A.P. Hill between 4:30 and 5 p.m. today while setting up camp. Two other individuals were also injured in the accident. One is a Boy Scout leader and one is a contract worker. Both are in stable condition.

Our prayers and sympathies are with the families of each of the victims. It is a tragic loss that is shared by everyone in the BSA. Counselors and chaplains are at the jamboree and available to any Scout or leader.

A thorough investigation into this accident is underway.


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Jamboree spokesman Gregg Shields said the accident happened between 4:30 and 5 p.m. while the leaders were setting up camp.


One other leader from Alaska and a contract worker were hospitalized in stable condition. All the youths with the Alaska group were fine, said Bill Haines, chief executive officer of the Western Alaska Council.


Those killed were longtime leaders with Anchorage's Troop 711, which along with another troop had brought 80 Scouts between the ages 13-15 to the event, Haines said. Three other Scout leaders had come with the group.

______end clip____________________________


Judging from the photographs, it appears the metal tent poles they were raising struck an overhead wire.


Our thoughts & prayers are with them all.


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I'm not quite sure how to say this, but is the title of this thread supposed to be play on words, or a just a typo? If a typo, is it possible for a moderator to correct this?





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