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Looking for anyone who can help me regarding Jamboree

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Hi..I'm Brian. I am with Pack 391 located in Yukon, Oklahoma. I am looking for anyone who might be able to put me in touch with or make contact with someone who is attending jamboree. I am looking for a patch that will probably be available during the 10 day program. It is a new patch put out, I believe, by NASA. It is black with stars, has an eagle, the Moon, Mars, the BSA national logo, and the NASA logo. The patch has the words, Explore, Discover, Understand and 2005 National Jamboree. I will be happy to pay for one of these patches if one can be obtained for me. My kids are scouts but not old enough to attend jamboree as of yet. If anyone can help, it would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

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Google "Nasa Jamboree patch" for a picture.

You might also email Nasa's Space Store

www.manager@thespacestore.com or call them at 281-333-4030 for info on how to obtain the patch.

It's cool.



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