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This will be my last post at Scouter.com before I leave. I will be leaving my house in about 90 minutes and will be venturing into a new journey for me. Having never flown, nor travelled by myself, this is not something I'm used to. Gladly, this part of the journey is a small fraction of my trip:) Today I fly out, tomorrow I will take a tour of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Thursday I ride down to For AP Hill. Thursday I will also begin training for my job as a member of the Rappel Tower D staff. Right now I feel a little anxious and maybe even a little scared. Thursday I think it will be much better because at that point I will reenter my world in the outdoors. I'm not a big people-person so I'm not exactly excited to be going to the airport. I prefer to be either in front of my computer screen or in the Great Outdoors.


For those of you going to Jambo, if you come looking for me, I'll normally be at the Tower in Action Center D.


Just ask for Mike Hopper. Or even Hops, etc

I will have a few JSP's, but not many. I may be able to get ahold of more from another staff member I know who is going. He said he is taking a duffle bag full of patches.


This is it. Those of you going, I'll see you "At The Hill" and the rest of you I'll see in a few weeks.


Mike Hopper

Rappel Tower D youth staff

Subcamp 4

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I am really looking forward to meeting the Hops Scout at the Jambo.

The Guy in charge of Rappel Tower D Subcamp 4 is a pal of mine and I know that he will look after him.

OJ,my son takes off in the early hours to work on the COPE course. I picked him up from serving on our Council Camp staff today and as ever we had the last minute run to Wally World.

I have our final pre-jambo troop meeting tomorrow night and we will leave on Sunday in the early hours.

The excitement is really building and I know that the Scouts from Troop 412 can't wait.

When I get back I will start working on 2007, I'm the NE-Area 4 World Jamboree Chairman, so we can re-set the countdown clock.

2010 seems a very long way off, but the last four years seemed to have flew by and having 2007 in the middle of it all will make it seem to go even faster.



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I've been thinking of you and hope you had a safe and good trip to the Hill!


My son will be in subcamp 4 - I'll send him over!


And Eammon- just the other day Dan asked what your Troop was - he's planning on popping over to say hello and trade patches.


He's helping on an Eagle Scout project today and trying to stuff everything into the trunk for Jambo. He pulls out at midnight on Sunday for the Hill.


Hope everyone has a great time!! :)

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