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After the Flying Toasters in 2001, this time the Patrols from Troop 412 will be the :

Flaming Flamingos.

The Elite Forces.

The Psycho Dragons.

The Umpaloompas !!

Have to admit that I liked the Flying Toasters.



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Troop 1113 is as follows:


Black Hawks



The Patrol box for the leaders has four distinct sides, the front is maize and blue with a big M, the back is black and gold with a Michigan Tech Huskie on it, one side is maroon and gold with a flying C for the Central Michigan Chippewas, and the last side is black with a ball and chain that says "Hard Times Cafe" for the DOC Asst Scoutmaster. All the Patrol Boxes are quite different.


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Great name. You are from TPC, thus the name? I'm from LHAC. Are you going to the Jamboree? I saw the patches your council came up with. They look great. If your son is going, have him stop in and say hi. We're camping just next door.


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My sons are in the Raging Rams. The patrol got into the spirit and now have matching t shirts,neck slides and patrol flag. look for the guys in tie dye at 1107. right in the middle of the all Michigan area.

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